Accelerated Nursing Programs In Ireland

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If you’re looking for a way to fast-track your nursing career, Ireland is the place to go.

There are many reasons why Accelerated Nursing Programs in Ireland are so popular. Ireland is a beautiful country with rich history, great food and drinks, and lots of fun things to do. There are also plenty of opportunities for accelerated nursing programs in Ireland because it’s a small country with lots of access to healthcare facilities.

Many people choose accelerated nursing programs in Ireland because they want to live abroad and travel while working toward their degree at the same time. Accelerated nursing programs can take anywhere from 6-12 months depending on how many credits/courses you take each semester (or quarter). This means that if you were able to take 2 courses per semester (4 per year), it would take about 6 semesters (or 12 quarters) to complete your program; however, if you were only able to take one course per semester (2 per year), it would be closer to 10 semesters (20 quarters).

Accelerated Nursing Programs In Ireland

Entry requirements

To be eligible for entry into an accelerated nursing program, you must have a Bachelor’s degree in non-nursing subjects (this is the equivalent of a four year bachelor’s degree). You can also apply if you are an international student who holds an equivalent academic qualification from your home country. The minimum requirement for an entrance qualification is that you have completed a university-level course with a grade of 60% or more.

A good standard of English is required for all applicants to study nursing in Ireland. If your first language is not English and/or you were educated outside Ireland, then it is important that your written and spoken English language skills are well developed prior to commencing studies here.

Application process

The application process is a little different for each school.

For example, one program requires you to submit an online application and payment of €125 ($135), as well as official transcripts from every college or university you’ve attended. Additionally, you’ll need to have your fingerprints taken at a local police station (this can be done in person or by mail). Then, once the school receives your documents, they’ll contact you about next steps—usually including an interview with the program director or nurse educator.

Some accelerated nursing programs require that applicants have already completed certain prerequisites before applying; these are usually related to math and science credits from high school or college classes. You should also expect that there will be a minimum GPA requirement for entrance into accelerated nursing programs in Ireland. However, it’s important to note that these requirements vary between schools so make sure to check with individual institutions before applying!


Fees for accelerated nursing programmes in Ireland vary depending on the institution, programme and year of study.

The fee structure is based on modules, which are a specific set of learning outcomes that must be completed during your course. Fees are charged per module and can be found on each institution’s website.

For example, if you complete an accelerated bachelor degree in nursing at Dublin City University (DCU) over two years, it will cost €15,000 per academic year. This means that after completing six months of your first year at DCU, you will have paid half of what it costs to complete the full three-year degree programme in four years without taking an accelerated pathway or doing a distance learning course.


If you have the means, there are loan options available. If you don’t, there are grants based on your financial situation. You need to apply directly for these and will be required to provide documentation of your income and expenses during the application process.

If you qualify as an accelerated student, there is funding available through the Higher Education Authority (HEA) which can be used towards your fees and living costs while studying in Ireland. This is only available if you are under 23 years of age and do not hold a degree or diploma from an Irish educational institution at the time of application.

Student Loans

If you’re a student from another country, and you wish to study in Ireland, be sure to check out the SUSI website for information about student loans.

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