What jobs can you take your dog to work

What jobs can you take your dog to work? It’s the question that everyone is asking, and one that we’re here to answer once and for all in this guide, brought to you by GoPetFriendly.com (establish author’s expertise with mention of domain name and parent company)

There are many jobs that you can take your dog to work.

The first type of job is a veterinarian. You can take your dog to work with you and help it get better, or maybe try to find out what’s wrong with it if it is sick.

Another type of job that you can take your dog to work is a dog sitter. This means that people will come over and watch your dog while you are at work so they don’t get lonely or sad.

Another type of job that you can take your dog to work is a groomer. This means that people will come over and cut your dogs hair, clean their ears and teeth, etc., so they look nice when they go out in public places with you!

What jobs can you take your dog to work


If you’re like me, you’ve always wanted to bring your dog to work. I mean, who wouldn’t want their best friend around during the day? The trouble is that not every job is a good fit for man’s best friend. So, if you do have that opportunity, what job would be a perfect match for your dog? Here are the top 10 jobs where the best of friends could spend their days together:


A firefighter is someone who works for a fire department and fights fires. The job requires training to be able to do things like use ladders and ropes, operate equipment such as water hoses and fire extinguishers, drive vehicles like trucks or ambulances, and know how to rescue people from burning buildings.

You can learn more about firefighters at [link] or by reading the [link].

Real Estate agents

As a real estate agent, your job may require you to visit homes that are not pet friendly. You may have to spend long periods of time in your car visiting houses, which can be difficult for some dogs. Real estate agents often work long hours and face irregular schedules that are difficult for people with pets.

Real estate agents also often have to go to open houses so they should be able to work around these types of events as well.

writers and artists

If you’re a writer or artist, you can bring your pooch to work! If you have a side hustle and don’t have many clients, there are tons of places with ample seating and Wi-Fi where you can comfortably work while your dog stays nearby.

  • Coffee shops
  • Libraries (you might need library cards)
  • Work from home

Store owners

When you own a store, there are many reasons to have your dog at work with you. Your dog can help with customer service and marketing, as well as improving employee morale. Dogs can also be a great addition to any security measures in place at your business. Because dogs are generally very friendly animals, they can make customers feel more at ease when they enter the premises of your store or office building—and this will likely lead to increased sales overall!

Software developers

Software developers can take their dogs to work with them. Dogs are good companions for software developers because they help software developers focus, get more exercise and social interaction.

Crossfit coaches

A crossfit coach is a big job, but if you’re working with a clientele who are also active and outdoorsy, having your dog nearby can be very helpful in keeping them motivated. Dogs are also great for keeping an eye on surroundings when you’re being active, which makes them ideal companions for crossfit coaches. After a workout, dogs can help you relax by providing an additional source of comfort and affection that helps soothe sore muscles. And finally, having your dog around can help keep you motivated to stay at the gym or park longer than usual so they don’t feel abandoned!

dog walkers

A dog walker is a person who takes dogs to outdoor parks, on long walks, or for other types of exercise. A dog walker can be paid by the hour or on commission, depending on the arrangement.

If you love dogs and want to work with them every day, this could be the job for you! Dog walking is a great way to exercise and socialize your pet while making money at the same time. You’ll also meet lots of new people—from other pet owners looking for help walking their own pets (or sometimes even just having conversations about dogs), to seeing different neighborhoods around town where there are nice parks and trails nearby where you can take your clients’ pups off leash for some good sprinting time together.

Veterinarians, vet techs and pet sitters

If you’re in the vet business, you’ve got a lot of options. You can work at an animal shelter and take your dog to work with you there. If you’re a vet tech or a veterinary assistant (or even just a person who works at the vet’s office), bring your dog to work with you!

If you own your own business as an independent pet sitter, be sure that it is licensed and insured before taking your dog along for the ride. This way, if anything happens while she’s with one of your clients’ animals, there will be no legal issues down the road when they decide they want to sue over their loss of income due to injuries sustained during said incident.

Some jobs just go better with a dog in them

In the right environment, dogs have a lot to offer in terms of morale. They can bring an upbeat energy to a stressful environment and help people feel more at ease. This is especially true for customer service, sales and security positions.

In many workplaces, dogs are also known to help with marketing efforts by spreading the word about their company through social media or even just by being adorable at the office each day!

Dogs can also be trained to assist with training other employees and improving overall workplace safety measures (think: sniffing out gas leaks).


If you’re thinking of becoming a firefighter, dog walker, crossfit coach or other occupation that requires you to be in a specific location all day and work with people, there are many benefits to bringing your pet with you. One big benefit is companionship – having someone else around will make it easier for both parties if they need comfort during times when they aren’t busy working. Another important reason why people choose these occupations over others is because their dogs are less likely to cause trouble than cats would in such close quarters.

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