What jobs can you have with a sociology degree

Sociology is the scientific and objective study of the development, structure, functioning, and behavior of human society. Individuals who work in this field focus on the social aspects of humans that exist in all societies. If you are considering a career that requires a sociology degree take this quiz to find out what jobs (and careers) you can have with a sociology degree.

Sociology is a great major for those who are interested in the human condition, and it offers many different career paths. Here’s a list of some of the most popular:

-Social Worker



-Public Policy Analyst

-Urban Planner

-Forensic Psychologist

What jobs can you have with a sociology degree


Sociology is a popular major that leads to many different careers. In fact, it’s one of the few majors that can lead you to both careers in the social sciences and business-related jobs. This is because sociology teaches you about people and their roles in society, which can help with building businesses and working with clients. As a sociology major, you’ll learn about social problems and how they impact people from all walks of life. You’ll also study human behavior and how people interact with others in groups. Sociology majors are usually interested in studying topics like poverty, race relations, gender

Social service managers

What is a social service manager?

  • Social service managers are responsible for overseeing the operation of organizations that provide services to people in need, such as social workers and other helping professions.

Some examples of organizations that employ social service managers include mental health agencies, child protection services, substance abuse treatment centers and more. They may also work with individuals who have been incarcerated or have substance abuse problems by providing job training or counseling to help them reintegrate into society once they’ve completed their sentence or recovery program.

What are the education requirements for this career?

  • To become a social service manager you’ll generally need at least an undergraduate degree in sociology or related field such as criminal justice or public administration. In addition to your degree, some employers may require experience working with clients in similar roles before they hire you as well. If your degree doesn’t specifically mention “sociology” then make sure it does cover topics like human behavior/social interaction; research methods (including qualitative methods); race/ethnicity/gender/age diversity; crime/deviance theory; poverty/poverty reduction strategies…and so forth.”


Lawyers are needed to help people with legal problems. They can help people with criminal cases, civil cases, family cases and immigration cases.

Postsecondary teachers

  • Teach in a college or university.
  • Teach in a high school.
  • Teach in a community college.
  • Teach in a junior college.
  • Teach in a technical school.
  • Teach in a vocational school. For example, you might teach students how to use computers, build websites and write code for mobile apps. You could also teach students how to become carpenters or electricians at vocational schools that specialize in these fields of study (and charge tuition accordingly). And if you have strong aspirations to reach the top level of education, consider teaching at private institutions such as Harvard University and Yale University where you can earn your doctorate degree while building up your résumé and preparing yourself for an academic career as an associate professor or even full professor down the road!

Public relations and fundraising managers

Many sociology graduates go on to work as public relations and fundraising managers. Public relations (PR) is the practice of creating a positive image for a business or organization. Fundraising, on the other hand, involves raising money for organizations through donations, grants and other means. Public relations managers are responsible for managing the flow of information between an organization and its stakeholders – including customers, investors and employees – so that those stakeholders can be confident in their relationship with the company or organization. Fundraising managers help raise money from individuals and foundations to support an organization’s mission by planning events such as galas or auctions where people can donate money to causes they believe in. The average salary for a public relations manager is $93K annually; fundraising managers earn around $70K per year on average


You can be a psychologist! A degree in sociology prepares you for careers that involve helping people deal with mental health issues, including research and clinical work. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, psychologists work in a variety of settings: hospitals, prisons, schools and other organizations. They may also work in private practice.

Public opinion pollsters

Public opinion pollsters are responsible for collecting data on the public’s political views and then using it to predict future elections and policy decisions. This requires a lot of skill in research, statistics, and analysis.

Public opinion pollsters must have at least a bachelor’s degree in sociology or a closely related field as well as several years of experience doing surveys or conducting research projects. They must also be able to collect information from large groups of people quickly and efficiently, so they typically need strong communication skills as well.

This is not an easy job; most people would rather not be asked their opinions about anything! But if you enjoy this type of work, it can be very rewarding when you help make important decisions based on your findings.

Rehabilitation counselors

Rehabilitation counselors work with people who have disabilities or physical limitations. They help these individuals find suitable jobs and careers, as well as assist them in developing reasonable accommodation requests for the workplace. In addition to helping clients find employment, rehabilitation counselors may also be responsible for planning vocational services and offering training opportunities.

A bachelor’s degree in rehabilitation counseling is required to become a licensed professional counselor (LPC).

There are many jobs that can be good for those with a sociology degree.

Sociology is a broad field, and there are many jobs you can do with a sociology degree. Some of these require a graduate degree while others don’t. The great thing about having a sociology degree is that it gives you options.

There are many different types of sociology jobs because the field covers so much ground. For example, if you’re interested in research and theory, then this could be your favorite part of your job as well as what gets paid the most during your career. On the other hand, if you’re more focused on helping people directly in some way—for example, being a social worker or psychologist—then this might be your favorite part of working in human services or counseling roles where there are many opportunities for helping people solve problems related to society’s needs such as poverty issues or mental illness issues (elderly care).


If you’re interested in sociology, and want to channel that into a career, you have many options. You can think about the field broadly, or narrow down your options by focusing on a specific area of study. Take some time to consider what interests you most about this discipline—whether it be social policy research or working with at-risk youth—and go from there. Good luck!

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