What jobs can you get with sociology

I’m going to tell you what jobs you can get being a Sociologist. I’ll tell you about the sociology career path and outline several different jobs for those who like working with people or those who want to work with groups or individuals.

Sociology is a great major if you want to work in social services. You’ll be able to help people with the everyday problems they face, and you’ll be able to do it from a position of expertise.

Sociology is also a useful major for those who are interested in government and law enforcement. You’ll be able to study the way society works, which can be helpful for people who are interested in becoming lawmakers or police officers.

If you’re looking for something more academic or research-oriented, sociology is also an excellent choice. It’s a great major if you’re looking for a graduate degree in sociology or if you want to teach at the college level.

What jobs can you get with sociology


A degree in sociology can open up a wide range of opportunities for you in the work world. Sociology is the study of society, and students who major in sociology often choose careers that allow them to use their understanding of human behavior. The following jobs can be pursued with a degree in sociology:

Human Resources Assistant

A human resources assistant is a person who helps with all aspects of the human resources job function. This includes determining the qualifications and skills needed for job positions, creating employment applications, interviewing applicants and conducting reference checks. A HR assistant also helps to maintain employee records including benefits, taxes and health insurance.

The minimum educational requirement to become a human resources assistant is typically an associate’s degree in business administration with an emphasis on human resources management or hotel management. Some employers may prefer applicants who have completed some form of internship while studying at university or community college programs that offer work experience opportunities within their field of study.

A career as a Human Resources Assistant offers many opportunities for advancement throughout various organizations as you gain experience working in this industry sector which makes up approximately 4% of all U.S businesses according to Forbes magazine estimates from 2016 data (https://www .forbes .com/sites /saralynnmartin/2016/03/04/the-most-common-job-title -according -to -individuals -in

Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts are the people researching and analyzing the market. They study how products are being sold and marketed, how they’re performing in terms of sales, and where they may be lacking. This information helps companies improve their marketing strategies in order to increase sales.

They may work for a company or a non-profit organization; some examples include marketing firms, consulting firms, colleges/universities (for example: UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business), or even private individuals who need help understanding what makes their business successful.

Mental Health Counselor

Mental health counselors work with individuals, families and groups to help them overcome emotional problems. These professionals can be found in schools, community settings or private practice offices. Mental health counselors may be school psychologists or licensed clinical social workers (LCSWs).

Mental health counselors use a variety of techniques that include problem solving; relaxation training; education about stress reduction; behavioral modification techniques; cognitive restructuring techniques for changing negative thinking patterns; family counseling techniques for changing dysfunctional family interactions; psychotherapy to address emotional issues such as depression or anxiety disorders; marital therapy to deal with marital issues including communication difficulties between spouses or partners. They might also use other therapies such as hypnosis or biofeedback therapy depending on the patient’s needs.

Non-profit Administrative Assistant

A non-profit administrative assistant is responsible for supporting the organization and its staff, including preparing correspondence, maintaining financial records and providing other administrative services. In addition to these general duties, an administrative assistant may also be tasked with more specialized responsibilities related to their area of expertise. For example, a finance secretary who has been in the field for several years might take on additional duties such as payroll management or budget planning.

While there is no required education level for this position, most employers will require that candidates have a high school diploma or equivalent (GED). A bachelor’s degree in business administration or another relevant field can give you an edge over other applicants when applying for jobs as a non-profit administrative assistant.

Social Media Manager

Social media managers are responsible for creating, monitoring and maintaining social media accounts for companies. As a social media manager, you’ll need to be skilled at using many different types of social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

You’ll also need to keep up with the latest trends in technology — what’s popular on Snapchat? Is Google+ dead? What hashtag should I use when promoting my company’s new product? These questions come up often in this job role.

Social media managers usually have good writing skills and are comfortable engaging with their followers online. They’re able to connect with consumers in a way that makes them feel valued as customers—this helps build trust between a brand and its customers.

There are many jobs you can get with a sociology degree.

  • Sociology is a broad and diverse field. There are many jobs you can get with a sociology degree, including:
  • Social work
  • Health education, research or policy
  • Community development work
  • Market research, business development and public relations


The key message of this article is that there are many jobs you can get with a sociology degree. These jobs include Human Resources Assistant, Market Research Analyst, Mental Health Counselor, Non-profit Administrative Assistant, and Social Media Manager.

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