What jobs can you get with business administration

Do you have an idea about what jobs can you get with business administration? Then look no further! As a professional blogger and a career counselor, I have tried to collect all the resources from different areas to help those who are interested in what jobs can you get with business administration. Professionally, I think once you earn a bachelor’s degree it is better to go on through advanced education. It’s always worth while. You see, there are not too many jobs combined with this specialization yet. Nevertheless, if you want to achieve your goals and be proud of what you’ve done you should try to get more information about this subject.

Business administration is a great field to get into if you’re interested in working in the business world. As a business administration major, you’ll learn about what it takes to run a company and how to manage different aspects of it.

You can use this knowledge to find jobs in accounting, marketing, management, and human resources. Some examples of careers that are related to business administration include:


-Marketing Manager

-Human Resources Manager

What jobs can you get with business administration


Business administration is a growing field, and there are many jobs you can get with a degree in business administration. These include administrative officer, auditor, project manager, marketing director, sales manager and human resources manager.

administrative officer

An administrative officer is responsible for ensuring that all office-related tasks are completed properly. Administrative officers are tasked with many different responsibilities, including communicating with clients and visitors, arranging appointments, taking phone calls and emails from clients, organizing files and records to ensure they’re easily accessible to others in the company, completing any required paperwork or forms that may be necessary for certain transactions or requests from clients or customers. Administrative officers also perform other tasks associated with keeping an office running smoothly such as purchasing supplies for their department or company as well as maintaining a filing system of all current contracts and records related to customer service inquiries.


An auditor is a person who makes sure that businesses are following the rules. Auditors review a company’s finances to ensure it is following industry standards and making sound decisions.

project manager

Project managers are leaders who organize, plan and control projects. They define goals and objectives, oversee the budget and schedule, manage resources, set priorities and direct employees to ensure that all deliverables are met. Project managers also monitor risks to ensure that they do not become obstacles to success.

The benefit of working as a project manager is that it allows you to better understand how organizations function from start-to-finish in order to achieve their goals. It’s also an extremely challenging role because there will always be unexpected issues that arise during any given project cycle; these problems must be resolved quickly in order for things not fall apart at the last minute.

marketing director

A marketing director is the head of a company’s marketing department. This involves managing other members of the department, planning and implementing strategies for promoting products, services and brands, developing new ideas to increase sales (which may include creating advertising campaigns), as well as analyzing data from sales records.

Other responsibilities include conducting market research using surveys or focus groups to determine customer preferences; creating promotional materials like brochures or flyers describing products/services; planning events like trade shows to attract new clients; monitoring competitors’ activities in order to stay ahead of them in terms of marketing efforts; devising ways for customers to make repeat purchases (for example by offering loyalty programs).

sales manager

A sales manager is responsible for all aspects of a sales team’s performance, from hiring and training to ensuring that the team meets their quotas. The average salary for a salaried retail manager in the United States is $53,000 per year.

human resources manager

A human resources manager is responsible for the employment of workers. They are responsible for hiring, firing, and training employees. They also handle employee benefits, including healthcare coverage/insurance and retirement plans.

In addition to these duties, a human resources manager’s responsibility is to ensure that their employees are happy and productive at their jobs.

there are many jobs you can get with business administration

There are many different jobs you can get with business administration. You can get jobs in many different industries, countries, roles, departments and functions.

If you want to be the CEO of a major corporation or the head of operations for a small business, you should study business administration.

If you want to work as an accountant or bookkeeper for a business in any part of the world, then studying accounting will help you achieve this goal. If your dream is to become an entrepreneur who starts their own small company then studying entrepreneurship will set your career on track towards success!


These are just some examples of jobs you can get with a business administration degree, which means that there is no limit to what you can do. To find the one that’s right for you, think about what interests you most and look into different careers that could fit those interests.

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