What jobs can you get with btec sport level 3

If you want to know what jobs you can get with Btec Sport Level 3, then the fastest and best way to find out will be to look at occupational profiles for BTEC Level 3. There is no better source to decide what a qualification like this is going to do for your future career prospects than by looking at real life examples of people already doing the job today, who also have a Level 3 qualification in this area.

If you have a Btec Sport Level 3 qualification, there are a wide range of jobs you could do.

The first thing to consider is what type of work you want to do. Do you want to work in the media and entertainment sector? If so, then a Btec Sport Level 3 qualification will give you the skills needed for roles such as:

  • Sports broadcasting
  • Sports journalism and writing
  • Sports performance analysis
  • Sports coaching (trainer or coach)

If you prefer working with children and young people then a Btec Sport Level 3 qualification will also prepare you for roles such as:

  • Teaching PE and sport at secondary school level (or higher)
  • Teaching sports development at primary school level (or higher)

What jobs can you get with btec sport level 3


A BTEC Level 3 in Sport can give you the foundation you need to work in a range of sports-related careers. It’ll teach you some of the skills and knowledge that employers want, including everything from coaching techniques to sports nutrition.

We’ve put together this guide to explain what a BTEC Level 3 is, outline your career options with a BTEC Level 3 in Sport, and explain how it compares to A Levels.

Sports Coach

Sports Coaches are responsible for coaching and developing sports teams, clubs and individuals. Sports Coaches work with participants from different backgrounds and abilities in order to achieve their goals. A Sports Coach may also be responsible for organising or managing tournaments and competitions.

The role of a Sports Coach is varied and can include:

  • Coaching individuals or teams to improve their performance in specific sporting activities
  • Providing guidance on physical exercise routines designed to improve fitness levels
  • Using specialist equipment such as weights or treadmills as part of training programmes

Sports Development Worker

Sports Development Worker is a job that you can get with a level 3 btec in sport. A degree or degree equivalent will be needed to work as a Sports Development Worker, and you’ll need skills like working with people and working with different groups of people.

Fitness Instructor

If you have a minimum of level 2 in sport and are able to communicate well with people, this could be the job for you.

You will need to be fit and healthy, as well as working as part of a team under pressure.

Sports Retail Assistant

Sports Retail Assistant

Sports retail assistants work in sports shops, selling equipment and clothing. They may also be involved in the warehouse, delivering goods to shops. They work on the shop floor or behind the counter.

You will need to have good communication skills and a friendly attitude if you want to be successful as a Sports Retail Assistant

Personal Trainer

Qualified Personal Trainer (Level 3)

Personal trainers are responsible for guiding clients through a range of exercises and activities that can help improve their health and fitness. A qualified personal trainer will have at least a level 3 qualification in sport, which includes theory on the science behind exercise and practical training in how to go about it.

To become a qualified personal trainer you must:

  • Have the right qualifications and experience. Your degree should include an accredited Btec Sport Level 3 qualification or equivalent. You’ll also need to have relevant on-the-job experience as well as plenty of motivational skills to help your clients reach their goals. If you’re already working as a member of staff at a gym or sports centre, this could count towards your experience requirements; however, it’s advisable that you get some additional training so that you can build up your confidence when giving advice directly to members of the public who may be new to exercise or sport altogether.* Understand what makes people want to work out regularly – there is no point trying something if no one wants to do it! This is where psychology comes into play; if someone doesn’t feel motivated enough then they won’t see results.”

Sports Manager

Sports Management is a career that involves managing the marketing, promotion, and organization of sports events. Sports managers often work with various sports organizations such as professional leagues, teams and schools. They are responsible for creating effective branding strategies that will increase ticket sales or merchandise sales at their organizations. If you have experience in marketing or helping in event planning, this could be an ideal career path for you.

You can get jobs in this industry by taking entry-level positions as a sports manager assistant or intern until your skills improve enough to get promoted to more senior positions within the company’s hierarchy. The average salary range for these positions varies depending on where they’re located within the United States but typically falls between $45k-$60k per year

You can get some sports jobs with this qualification.

As a Btec Sport Level 3 student, you can get some sports jobs with this qualification. But it will not be easy to do. You will need to have experience and a track record of success in your chosen sport before you are employed in this type of role.

You will also need to show that you are passionate about the sport that you want to coach and that you have a good understanding of it so that your teaching methods are effective.


This has been a brief guide to some of the key jobs you can get with BTEC Sport Level 3. We hope this information helps you as you consider your options for the future. As we briefly mentioned earlier on, there are also plenty of other jobs in related fields, such as teaching or police work. This qualification will give you an added edge when applying for these positions, and they may end up being more appealing than working directly in sports!

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