What jobs can you get with an elementary education degree besides teaching

It’s not surprising that elementary school teachers are the largest group of teachers in the United States. Elementary schools offer the opportunity to teach a range of grade levels, so there’s something for everyone. From teaching 4th grade math to kindergarten music and arts, elementary education has it all. But even though you could specialize in one field, you still may be left wondering what jobs you can get with an elementary education degree besides teaching . If that’s the case, read on for 10 new job options for elementary school teachers.

An elementary education degree is a good foundation for a career in teaching, but it also opens the door to other careers that involve working with children. If you’re interested in pursuing a career outside of teaching, consider these options:

  • Helping Children and Families: Many people with an elementary education degree go on to work as social workers or counselors. If you have an interest in helping children and families, this could be a great fit for you.
  • Child Care: If you want to work with children but don’t want to be responsible for their education, consider becoming a day care provider or nanny. You’ll get to spend time with kids while developing and maintaining relationships with their parents.
  • Marketing: A background in marketing or business can help you land jobs in advertising, public relations, sales, or web development. This might be an option if you are interested in working with children but would rather not teach them directly.
  • Communications: If you want to work with kids but aren’t sure where they fit into your life plan just yet, consider taking on communications jobs that allow you to interact with them through social media or other means of communication like email or text messages instead of face-to-face contact at school or home environments where

What jobs can you get with an elementary education degree besides teaching


If you’re thinking about a career in education, one of the possibilities you might be considering is working with elementary school-aged children. The good news is that there are plenty of jobs that cater to younger learners at this level. You certainly do not have to restrict yourself to teaching if it’s not your favorite part of the job! Here are some examples of what you can do with a degree in elementary education besides (or even while) teaching:

1. Curriculum Developer

A curriculum developer is a teacher who creates and improves the educational materials used in a classroom. A curriculum developer must be able to create lesson plans that are both engaging and effective. Curriculum developers also need to understand how students learn best, so they can develop lessons that target different learning styles.

A bachelor’s degree in education is the minimum requirement for most positions as a schoolteacher at any level, but an advanced degree such as an MS or PhD will increase your earning potential and allow you greater flexibility within the field of education

2. Childcare Administrator

When you think of a childcare center, you may imagine a classroom with rows of desks and children at each one. That’s not what we’re talking about here. A childcare administrator is responsible for managing all aspects of the day-to-day operations of the school, including administration matters, hiring staff and providing training for teachers.

Childcare administrators must also be able to work closely with parents and teachers to ensure that children are happy in their environment, learning new skills and taking advantage of opportunities within their community.

3. Education Librarian

Education librarians work in schools, academic libraries, and public libraries. They help students learn more about the world around them by providing them with resources, such as books and online databases.

Education librarians must have a master’s degree in library science (MLS) or an MLS-equivalent degree. Some employers may require their education librarians to have a graduate certificate in education.

Education librarians are responsible for helping students find the right resources; they also teach children how to use these resources effectively. Education librarians spend most of their time keeping up with current trends in technology so that they can keep up with new technologies and provide access to them for their students.

4. Early Intervention Specialist

You can also get jobs as an early intervention specialist, which helps children with physical, mental, or developmental disabilities. The role is very similar to that of a teacher in the classroom. You help children develop speech, language and learning skills through play-based activities. You also teach social skills and behavior management techniques to young kids who have trouble interacting with others due to their disability(ies).

One example of an early intervention specialist is a speech pathologist who works with children in kindergarten through 12th grade for students who have speech problems such as stuttering or difficulty pronouncing words properly. Another example would be someone who works at a school for kids with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). They might help these students learn how to take care of themselves in self-care situations like dressing themselves or brushing their teeth without hurting themselves accidentally! This job requires extra patience because it takes longer than usual for most ASD students’ brains to process information about how things work around them; however once they grasp one concept it usually sticks well into adulthood so there’s hope yet!

5. Speech Pathologist

Speech pathologists help people who have speech and language disorders. Their job is to improve communication for those with speaking problems, but they can also work with people who have swallowing issues or autism. Speech pathologists can even help people after they’ve had a stroke or brain injury.

If you love working with kids, this might be your dream job!

6. School Counselor/Guidance Counselor

A school counselor or guidance counselor is responsible for helping students with issues related to their personal, social and academic lives. School counselors provide support to students in schools by:

  • Helping them find appropriate resources when they are struggling with personal or social issues
  • Assisting students with college and career planning
  • Providing mental health counseling services
  • Working with disabled students

7. Social Worker

Social work is a profession that helps people deal with a variety of problems. People who pursue this career may work in schools, hospitals, or community organizations.

Social workers can specialize in many different areas including child welfare and adoption services; mental health counseling; medical social work (healthcare); public health (community); rehabilitation services; and financial/legal counseling.

In addition to helping individuals deal with issues like poverty, abuse and mental health problems, social workers can also help families facing crises such as homelessness or domestic violence by providing temporary housing or legal aid for the victims’ protection from their abusers.

If you have an interest in helping others who are struggling through difficult circumstances then becoming a social worker might be right for you!

8. Elementary Education Coach for Teachers

An elementary education coach is a teacher who helps other teachers improve their skills. They typically provide assistance with classroom management, lesson planning, and classroom culture.

A coach is not trained in teaching but instead serves as a mentor for teachers. Coaches can be other teachers or people outside of the field who are experts on certain aspects of teaching. Typically, coaches are principals or assistant principals, but they can also be certified specialists who have experience working with management teams in schools where they’ve worked before.

These are the jobs that are available for people with a degree in elementary education that do not include teaching, but these jobs can not be performed without a degree in elementary education

These are the jobs that are available for people with a degree in elementary education that do not include teaching, but these jobs can not be performed without a degree in elementary education.

Anybody can be a teacher, but only people with degrees in elementary education can be childcare administrators or education librarians.


This is a great degree to get if you are in the field of education, but do not want to be a teacher. These positions all involve working with children, giving them educational opportunities and helping them learn in different ways. Each job gives a different experience and can be rewarding in many different ways. If you think these jobs might be right for you, then it might be time to enroll in some classes and see where they take you!

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