What jobs can you get with an associate’s of arts degree

If you’ve just earned your associate’s of arts degree, you might be having some second thoughts right now. An associate’s of arts degree can lead to great things, but those great things come with a lot of uncertainty. There are some important questions you need to ask yourself in order to know where to go from here.

An associate’s of arts degree can give you the skills you need to work in many different fields.

For example, if you want to work as a teacher, an associate’s of arts degree can give you the foundation to teach high school or elementary school students in subjects like English, history, social studies, and math. You’ll also learn about how to support students’ learning outside of the classroom.

If you want to pursue a career in communications or marketing, an associate’s of arts degree can help prepare you for entry-level positions in these fields. A communications or marketing associate’s degree will help develop your writing skills and provide a solid foundation for more advanced courses in these subjects.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career as an artist or writer, an associate’s of arts degree will help give you the tools needed to pursue these endeavors. Aspiring artists and writers should focus on classes that develop their creativity and critical thinking skills while studying topics like art history or literature.

What jobs can you get with an associate’s of arts degree


The Associate’s degree in Arts is a generalist degree that prepares students for success in almost any field. Students can obtain jobs with an associate’s degree, but it may not be the highest-level position that they could apply for. Often, these degrees are stepping stones to higher-degree programs and more lucrative careers. It is important to remember that an associate’s degree does not require as much coursework as a bachelor’s or master’s program, so the experience and knowledge gained may be limited compared to those who have earned higher level degrees.


If you love reading and helping people, then a librarian may be the job for you. Librarians help patrons find books and information, and they often have to learn new technologies quickly in order to assist patrons with their questions. The position can also include managing library staff and overseeing the day-to-day running of the library. If this sounds like a great role for you, then let’s get started on how to become one!

Social Worker

Social workers help people in need, including those who are homeless or facing poverty. Social workers also assist people with mental health issues, substance abuse problems and disabilities. A social worker may help a client find a home, job or other resources. They can also be instrumental in helping people deal with depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. Social workers often work with clients to find solutions for physical-health problems as well.


A reporter is a journalist who gathers information and writes it down for publication. Reporters report on events, issues, or other newsworthy topics. They can work in print media (newspapers and magazines), broadcast media (television news), or online journalism.

Reporters may specialize in covering particular subjects such as sports, entertainment or business. Those who cover general assignment stories are often called general assignment reporters. If a reporter works at a newspaper they might be assigned to cover the police beat or county government meetings, while those working for television stations would likely cover national breaking news like natural disasters or political scandals.


If you’re considering a career in teaching, an associate’s degree can be your first step toward becoming a teacher.

Teachers are in high demand and can work in schools, colleges and universities. Teachers teach a variety of subjects such as math, science, history or English. Teachers earn a good salary with benefits and may be eligible for tenure which means they cannot be fired without cause after being evaluated by their superiors within the district (teacher evaluation). Teachers may also be eligible for retirement at the age of 65-70 years old if they have taught at least 10 years (pension).

Because the Associate’s Degree in Arts is so broad, it can be used as stepping stone to a bachelor’s degree and ultimately a career.

The Associate’s Degree in Arts can be used as a stepping stone to a bachelor’s degree.

The Associate’s Degree in Arts can be used as a stepping stone to a career.

The Associate’s Degree in Arts can be used as a stepping stone to a master’s degree.


In conclusion, there are many career paths that you can go down after graduating with an associate of arts degree. You can get started working right away or continue your education to earn a higher degree.

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