What jobs can you get with an associate’s degree in psychology

Every degree program has different paths that students can follow to get a job after graduating. This article is a basic guide to jobs and internships, with tips and strategies, for students who are currently enrolled in associate’s degree programs in psychology.

You can get a job as a case worker or counselor, and in many cases, the degree is all you need to apply. Other jobs include:

-Psychologist: Psychologists work with people to treat mental illness or emotional disorders. They use medications and talk therapy to treat patients, as well as perform research on how to better understand mental health problems.

-Clinical psychologist: Clinical psychologists are trained to diagnose and treat mental illness, but they also focus on behavior change and cognitive therapy. They can work with patients individually or in groups, depending on what the patient needs.

-Counselor: Counselors help people deal with personal issues they might be having trouble with, such as relationships or stressors at work. They may work in schools or hospitals, offering services like marriage counseling or grief counseling to people who need them most.

What jobs can you get with an associate’s degree in psychology


An associate’s degree in psychology may seem like a small step towards a career in psychology, but it can actually get you into some of the fastest growing fields.

There are many paths to choose when you decide to pursue an associate’s degree in psychology. You can become a school counselor, community health worker, mental health aide, marriage and family therapist aide or community outreach worker. All these jobs come with decent pay and good promotion potential.

School counselor.

School counselors work with students and their families to help them deal with social, emotional and academic problems. They are trained to help students develop plans for college or career training, as well as provide support for those with special needs.

School counselors also assist in the development of individualized programs that address any special needs a student may have. Their duties include assisting parents or guardians of students who are having problems in making decisions regarding their children’s education; serving as advocates for pupils who feel they are being treated unfairly; providing guidance concerning academic performance; assisting teachers in determining appropriate classroom placement; advising on promotion policies and procedures; facilitating student transfers from one class level to another when appropriate; arranging field trips for students whose home environments do not permit them access to experiences outside their own neighborhood (such as visits to museums); helping organize extracurricular activities such as after-school clubs

Community health worker.

Community health workers are typically registered nurses, social workers and mental health professionals who work in the community. They often help people get access to healthcare and other services they need.

They may also be called outreach workers or community-based practitioners — all names that refer to someone who works with a range of different populations, usually under the guidance of a licensed professional.

This could mean helping individuals with substance abuse issues find treatment or counseling for their personal needs; it could entail providing group therapy for people recovering from trauma; other times, it’s helping disadvantaged groups identify resources within the community so they can access them easily.

Community health workers might also provide basic medical care like vaccinations or screenings for conditions such as diabetes and HIV/AIDS — but only as part of an overall program geared toward tackling more complex issues surrounding these diseases (such as how poverty affects access). In addition to providing these services directly through one-on-one interaction with clients (either at homes or workplaces), many community health workers also have administrative duties related to coordinating case management efforts across multiple agencies or organizations involved in working with underserved populations (which means you’ll need strong communication skills).

Social and human services assistant.

A social and human services assistant provides support to individuals or families who have been impacted by a crisis, such as an illness, disability, death in the family, violence or abuse. The assistant may help these individuals or families access resources to address the crisis.

The job duties of a social and human services assistant vary depending on where you work. For example, if you work for a school district, you may be responsible for tutoring students who need extra academic support after school hours; if you work for an agency that serves people with disabilities as part of their community integration program (for example: helping them find housing), your role might be to help clients attend group activities like movie nights or dinners at local restaurants; if you are employed by a private company hired by local government agencies to care for children whose parents must travel away from home frequently due to business travel arrangements (for example: helping them get ready each day and pack lunches), then it is likely that your duties will include meal preparation and other household tasks required by living away from home overnight on occasion

Community outreach worker.

An associate’s degree in psychology can be used to become a community outreach worker. Community outreach workers help people in their local communities, giving them the tools they need to live happier and healthier lives. This job requires an education from an accredited school, such as one of these schools with excellent online programs for psychology.

The job description for a community outreach worker will vary depending on who you work for and where you are located. Some organizations focus on assisting children or seniors while others may provide services to people suffering from mental illness or substance abuse problems. Regardless of their specific duties, all community outreach workers have similar responsibilities when it comes to interacting with those they serve:

  • They must be able to assess each individual’s needs through face-to-face meetings and phone conversations;
  • They must also keep up-to-date records of these assessments so that counselors can refer back as needed;
  • They should have strong interpersonal skills so they can work well with other staff members as well as their clients;

Foster care worker.

  • Foster care workers. One of the fastest-growing areas in psychology is as a foster care worker. You can use your skills to help children in the foster care system, from emotional needs to school and family issues. Foster care workers often work with child abuse prevention, too.

Mental health aide.

Once you have an associate’s degree in psychology, you can work as a mental health aide. Mental health aides are employed in hospitals and other institutions that provide care for people who are mentally ill or otherwise need assistance. They help patients with daily tasks such as feeding themselves, grooming, dressing and undressing. Mental health aides will also encourage patients to take part in activities that promote physical and mental well-being. The average salary for this type of job is $46,000 per year; however, it can vary depending on which state you work in and what kind of facility has hired you. Did we mention that the job prospects are excellent?

Substance abuse specialist.

A Substance Abuse Specialist is an individual who works to provide patient care and counseling for people with substance abuse problems. This can include alcoholics, drug addicts, and those who have eating disorders. A Substance Abuse Specialist may also work within the prison system to rehabilitate inmates suffering from addiction.

  • Education: Students interested in becoming a Substance Abuse Specialist should complete an associate’s degree program before applying for this position.* The minimum requirement for most positions is typically a Master’s Degree in Psychology or Counseling; however some facilities may require a Doctorate Degree.* Salary: In 2016, the average salary was $48,000 per year.* Pros: The field offers opportunities to work with individuals who are struggling with addiction issues; therefore it can be very gratifying when you see how much progress they make over time.* Cons: There are few job openings available so competition will be high which makes getting hired difficult at times

Marriage and family therapist aide.

A marriage and family therapist aide provides support to marriage and family therapists. They may help clients with items such as homework or activities, take notes during sessions, run errands for their employers, maintain the office space and supply cabinets, coordinate with other professionals who are working with the client.

Marriage and family therapist aides typically need an associate’s degree in psychology or a related field. Jobs are available throughout the country; however these positions typically require licensure by a state board of psychology. Job growth through 2022 is expected to be about 17%.

You can get a job in some of the growing fields in psychology with an associate’s degree.

You can get a job in some of the growing fields in psychology with an associate’s degree.

If you want to work as a therapist or counselor, for example, you can find jobs by obtaining an associate’s degree in psychology and applying for a position at your local community mental health center. You could also become a research assistant or laboratory technician at one of the many universities around the country that employ these types of staff members.

With an associate’s degree from one of America’s top colleges or universities, you may be able to secure employment as a high school teacher teaching classes such as biology or history. Some states require teachers to hold bachelor’s degrees but many others do not require this level of education beyond the associates level so check with your state board before pursuing this career path if it interests you.


The field of psychology is wide open to those with an associate’s degree in the field. You can start preparing for your career right away and earn a good wage while you do.

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