What jobs can a emt certification get

Emt Certification has opened a lot of job opportunities for those who want to be emergency medical technicians. There are various jobs one can get with this certification but the most common ones are for emergency response technicians.

If you’re thinking about getting an EMT certification, it’s important to know what jobs can be obtained with this certification.

EMTs are a great option for those who are interested in working with people. They have a very strong focus on patient care and assisting those who need help.

EMTs work in hospitals, medical facilities and other healthcare settings. They also work in fire departments and ambulance companies.

The skills learned as an EMT will prepare you for employment in many different fields including:

EMS dispatcher – An EMS dispatcher coordinates the delivery of emergency medical services to patients by coordinating resources such as ambulances, paramedics and rescue units. They also maintain communications with hospitals and other facilities when an ambulance is transporting a patient to their location.

Paramedic – A paramedic is responsible for assessing patients’ conditions at the scene of an accident or illness; administering life-saving medications; performing advanced techniques such as intubation or administering IVs; stabilizing critical conditions before transporting them to the hospital; monitoring vital signs during transport; providing ongoing care while en route; preparing patients for surgery if necessary; and providing education about post-hospital recovery plans

What jobs can a emt certification get


As you may have learned when you were getting your EMT certification, there aren’t a lot of jobs besides being an EMT that will hire you with only the skills you learn in an EMT class.

This is because the training that you’ve had as an EMT has prepared you to do one specific type of job, and that’s it. The good news is that there are other jobs that can offer some similar experiences to working as an EMT while also offering better pay and benefits.

EMT certification doesn’t qualify you to do much besides be an EMT.

EMT certification is a basic level of training that does not qualify you to do much besides be an EMT. It does not allow you to practice medicine, law, or engineering. It also does not give you a license to pursue any other profession.

The most obvious job option for someone with an EMT certification is to work as an EMT

EMT certification is a great way to get your foot in the door of the medical field. EMTs are first responders to medical emergencies, so if you’re interested in working in medicine but don’t have the time or money for an expensive degree, EMT certification is a good place to start.

EMTs assess patients, determine what treatment they need and administer it as well. They also assist other doctors and nurses during surgeries or procedures that require anesthesia, such as surgery on broken bones or even dental work (if your teeth are hurting).

Besides working as an EMT, there are other jobs that can hire you if you are a certified EMT.

In addition to working as an EMT, there are other jobs that can hire you if you are a certified EMT.

  • EMT instructor: In this job, you will teach others how to be an EMT. You will also have to know how to teach the skills of being an EMT well enough so that students can pass their courses and tests.
  • EMT coordinator: In this job, you plan out what classes need to be held for students in your program at different times of year or other periods throughout the year. You also help organize field trips for students who want them during their studies at school. This could include taking them on rides on ambulances or having them visit places where they would see patients with injuries and illnesses from time-to-time so they can learn more about what they might encounter while doing their jobs as part-time workers later down the road when they become full time employees who work full shifts every day instead of just weekends only like some people do right now (so far).

You can get a job as a Paramedic if your employer will pay for you to go to school.

If your employer will pay for you to go to school, you can get a job as a Paramedic. It takes about 2 years to get a paramedic degree and certification.

In addition to having an EMT certificate, many employers will require that potential candidates have experience in the field before they hire them. You may want to consider taking on volunteer work or internships with local fire departments or other organizations that provide emergency medical services.

You might also be able to get a job as a firefighter

If you’re interested in becoming a firefighter and are looking for a job, you might also be able to get a job as an EMT. In order to become certified as a firefighter, however, you must first become an EMT.

It can take some time to become an EMT but it’s easier than becoming a firefighter because there are fewer requirements for becoming an EMT than there are for becoming a firefighter. You can earn your certification by taking classes at community colleges or high schools in your city or state that offer courses on how to save lives and treat injuries like broken bones and burns with medical supplies such as bandages and gauze pads while transporting patients who need help getting home safely after surviving serious injuries like sprains; stitches; fractures; cuts; burns; bruises or even heart attacks caused by overexertion during strenuous physical activity (such as working out at the gym).

You could become a police officer

Becoming a police officer is an excellent career option for those with EMT certification. You will need to have a Bachelor’s degree, be a US citizen and pass a physical fitness test, background check, drug test and polygraph test. Once you are hired as a police officer you can expect to earn between $40k-$55k per year depending on your location and experience level within the agency you work for. The position has the potential for advancement up through the ranks as well as lucrative overtime pay if necessary during busy times of year like summer vacation season when tourists flock in from around the world!

Having an emt certification can open up some different career options

If you have an EMS certification, it’s not just for EMTs. You can use this certification to go on to become a paramedic or firefighter. You can also use your training as an EMT to go on to become a police officer.


If you are interested in finding a job that offers some exciting career options, such as firefighting or becoming a police officer, EMT certification may be a good way to go. You might need some additional education and training for these careers, but having your EMT certification will help you get started.

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