What jobs can a dietitian do

The average dietitian salary is about $53,000 per year. But, it can be a pretty rewarding field. You get to help people and actually see their health improve if you do it right. And if you want to make more money and get more satisfaction, you can always go into medical nutrition therapy. Most of the responsibilities remain the same since the patient population is basically the same group that we serve in the clinical setting (no brain trauma survivors, though). So, what jobs can a dietitian do? Glad you asked! Here are just a few:

A dietitian can work in many different settings, from food service to hospitals, and in a variety of capacities. The most common jobs for dietitians include the following:

  • Public Health Nutritionist: These are dietitians who focus on public health issues like childhood obesity or diabetes prevention. They often work for government agencies or non-profit organizations.
  • Clinical Dietitian: A clinical dietitian works in hospitals, private practices, and other medical facilities to help patients with specific dietary needs. Clinical dietitians may also work with patients who need special diets because of an illness or condition (like a heart transplant).
  • Food Service Director: Dietitians work as food service directors in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and other institutions where food is served directly to the consumer by an organization. They ensure that all foods served meet nutrition guidelines.

What jobs can a dietitian do


Many people assume that the only job for a dietitian is working in a hospital. While this is certainly one of many options, it’s far from the only one. Depending on your skills, personality and where you live, there are several different careers you could pursue as a dietitian. Some require more education than others and some pay more than others. Here are seven to consider:

Clinical Dietitian

A clinical dietitian is a type of registered dietitian who works in the healthcare industry. Clinical dietitians work with patients to improve their health, and they help patients develop plans to meet their nutritional needs. They also work with doctors to help patients with specific health problems, such as obesity or chronic disease. In addition to helping develop nutrition plans for individuals and groups of people, clinical dietitians can help with weight loss programs or manage diabetes.

Business Owner

As a dietitian, you can own your own business. You can be an entrepreneur and self-employed. You can be an independent contractor or sole proprietor.

This may seem obvious to some, but many people do not realize that the skills that make a dietitian great are also what make them successful entrepreneurs.

District Manager

  • District managers are responsible for managing a group of food service locations. They have to ensure that the restaurants run smoothly and profitably.
  • The requirements for becoming a district manager vary depending on your employer, but in general you need at least an undergraduate degree and some experience in the food industry. You may also be required to pass an exam or submit to drug testing.
  • To find job postings, look for companies that employ dietitians as part of their health team or those with extensive offerings in healthcare services (e.g., hospitals). You can also search online job sites like Indeed or Glassdoor.
  • Average starting salaries range from $43k – $65K depending on whether it’s your first job out of school or not; mid-career pay is usually around $60K -$80K per year but could go as high as $100K depending on which company you work for and how much responsibility they give their employees.* Job outlook is good—there will always be new businesses opening up so there will always be opportunities available!

Patient Educator

As a Patient Educator, you are responsible for educating patients about their health. You can work in a hospital or other healthcare facilities, where you will be on the front lines of helping patients learn about their condition and how to best manage it.

Patient Educators can work as part of a team or independently depending on the setting. If you enjoy working with people and want to help others learn more about their health, this might be an excellent career choice for you!

Food Safety Consultant

  • Food safety consultant
  • Food safety training
  • Food safety auditing
  • Food safety management
  • Food safety certification

Dietitians can do many different jobs.

A dietitian can do many different jobs. They might work at hospitals, clinics and long-term care facilities.

They may also work in doctors’ offices, nursing homes or schools.


We have covered some of the most common jobs which dietitians do. There are many more which we have not mentioned here. The opportunities for dietitians to work in different fields and industries is almost limitless.

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