What jobs can a 14 year old get in virginia

What jobs can a 14 year old get in Virginia? Chances are, you’re a 14 year old living in Virginia and want to work for the summer. It may be your first time being gainfully employed and you’re curious about what jobs you might be able to get in your state. Or, maybe you’re not a teenage fourteen year old and are looking for part time jobs that you can do immediately out of high school. Maybe there’s no job openings now, but later down the line is when you expect to start working.

There are plenty of jobs that a 14-year-old can get in Virginia. One of the best ways to get a job at this age is by getting involved with a school program or some kind of extracurricular activity. This will help you build your resume, and it will also help you develop valuable skills that employers are looking for. For example, if you’re interested in working in retail or hospitality, consider volunteering at local businesses. You can work as an extra set of hands when they need them, which gives you experience and exposure to the field.

If you want to work for yourself or start your own business but aren’t sure how to do so, there are programs available that give young people this opportunity. For example, there are online courses like Udemy (https://www.udemy.com/) that teach everything from coding to marketing and sales strategies. You’ll also find resources online like The Lean Startup (https://www.theleanstartupbook.com/), which explains how to create a business plan for any type of business venture.

What jobs can a 14 year old get in Virginia


I’m often asked about this. In Virginia, teenagers under 16 can’t work in a regular job like the rest of us. There are, however, many jobs available to you that don’t count as regular employment so you can still work and make money.

I have done a lot of jobs as a teenager and I am happy to share them with you.

I have done a lot of jobs as a teenager and I am happy to share them with you.

I always had a job when I was growing up, so it was very important to me that my children get their first jobs early. The first job can give them the experience they need in order to get hired at an entry level position later on in life. Unlike some parents, I didn’t feel like my kids should be home all day playing video games or watching TV. They needed to learn how to work hard while they were young so they could grow up into successful adults! And this is exactly what we did together throughout their childhoods:

What Jobs Can a 14-Year-Old Get in Virginia?

  • You can find jobs for 14-year-olds at retail stores. If you are interested in this type of job, you can start looking at department stores and clothing shops. The job may include greeting customers or helping them with their purchases. You may also be asked to work on the cash register or stock shelves. There are many different types of retail jobs available that could suit your interests and skillset.
  • Other options include working as a lifeguard at a pool center or beach club, which is another great way to get some extra spending money! Lifeguards earn an average salary of $9 per hour but can make up to $12 per hour during peak seasons.

Restaurant Busser

If you’re interested in working as a busser, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First of all, what exactly is a busser? A busser is someone who cleans up after customers and helps the wait staff by setting tables and cleaning plates before they get their food. It can also include taking care of any trash that may be on the floor or even tidying up the bar area if necessary. Bussers usually work part-time at restaurants, but it’s possible to find them at other businesses such as hotels and golf courses as well.

The pay for a busser varies depending on where you work and what position you have within the restaurant itself (i.e., countertop server versus full-service). Most servers start out making minimum wage or slightly more, but senior servers earn higher salaries than entry level workers because they know how to handle difficult customers more efficiently—and are therefore less likely to complain about being short staffed too often!

Restaurant Dishwasher

If you want to work in a restaurant, dishwashing is a great job for teenagers. It’s easy and fun because all you have to do is wash dishes, which are dirty by nature. You can work in any restaurant and you can get paid minimum wage for this job. If you are a hard worker, you can move up the ladder and get a better job such as kitchen helper or waiter/waitress.

Childcare Assistant

Childcare assistants can expect to make around $9 to $12 an hour, but they must be at least 16 years old and have a high school diploma or GED.

They will also need to pass background checks, drug tests and physicals.

Pet Sitter / Walker / Feeder

A pet sitter is a person who cares for an animal while its owner is away. Some pet sitters are employed by professional companies and some do it on their own. In order to be hired as a pet sitter, you must be reliable, responsible and trustworthy. You should also have transportation so that you can get to the animal’s home or make regular visits if they are unable to go outside because of weather conditions or health reasons. You will also need a good attitude in working with animals as well as a good relationship with them in order for them to feel comfortable around you when their owners are away from their homes.

Errand Runner (Grocery Shopping, Dry Cleaning, Etc) / Personal Shopper

What is an errand runner?

An errand runner (also called a personal shopper) is a person who runs various errands for people. These include doing things like grocery shopping, buying clothes and other items you need, picking up dry cleaning, running to the post office, etc.

Errands that can be run by anyone with some spare time and who knows how to use public transportation are ideal for this type of job.”

Lifeguard / Swim Instructor / Swim Coach

  • Lifeguarding
  • Swimming Instruction
  • Swimming Coaching

To become a lifeguard, you will need to be certified in CPR/AED and First Aid. You can take these classes at your local community college (if it offers them) or online, and usually they are only available through the summer months.

The second step is to get your national lifeguarding certification, which requires passing both written and practical exams. The national certifications include: American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor (WSI), American Red Cross Waterfront Professional (WFP), National Swimming Pool Foundation Lifeguard Certification (NSPF), American Camp Association Aquatics Staff Training Program 1 & 2, YMCA Aquatics Staff Training Program 1 & 2, YMCA National Youth Protection Training for Camp Counselors & Leaders

You can find jobs that you enjoy as a teenager.

You can find jobs that you enjoy as a teenager. It is important to choose a job that will help you to grow and be successful in the future. Here are some of the most common jobs for teenagers:

  • Retail
  • Babysitting
  • Salesperson at retail store or restaurant

Teenagers who work part-time during high school can earn money for college costs and expenses such as clothing, entertainment, transportation and food. The average weekly income for teens working part-time jobs ranges from $50-$150 per week depending on their job responsibilities and hours worked.


Being a teenager is tough. You want to be independent, and it’s nice to get your own money, but so many jobs are hard to come by when you’re young. However, there are ways around this! I was able to find several jobs in my area that fit both my interests and availability using Indeed. These included things like dishwashing at restaurants (which allowed me flexibility with school hours), grocery shopping for elderly neighbors who couldn’t drive anymore or babysitting for families nearby whose kids needed some extra attention during summer break.

No matter what kind of job you’re looking for, don’t give up hope yet! There’s always one out there just waiting on someone like yourself. So take these tips into account when searching online.”

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