What jobs can a 13 year old have

Having the right job can make a huge difference in your life.  It can lead to great opportunities, better pay, more responsibility, less stress and a ton of other benefits. At age 13, you might feel like you’re limited to just a few careers. But I’m going to show you why kids can and do have some of the most awesome jobs out there!

A 13-year-old can have any job they choose, as long as it’s legal.

This means that if you’re under 18, you’ll need to have your parents’ consent before you can get a job. If you’re over 18, though, there are no legal restrictions on what kind of work you can do.

The only thing that might make it difficult for a 13-year-old to get a job is if the workplace is not physically safe for them—if there are heavy objects that could fall on them or dangerous equipment they could use without supervision. In this case, it may be best to wait until they’re 14 or 15 years old before applying for employment at these types of businesses.

What jobs can a 13 year old have


You may have heard that the best time to start building a resume is before you graduate from high school, which means you need some job experience as early as 13. That can be easier said than done when it comes to age restrictions and safety concerns. However, there are lots of jobs for 13 year olds that play to their strengths while still being fun (and legal). Here are some examples:

Ask your parents if you can babysit

When you decide to babysit, it is important that you are responsible and mature. You also need to be a good listener and patient, because if your friend’s baby cries all night and you get mad, then that may not be the greatest way to start off. Being able to follow instructions will also help with being a successful sitter.

In order for people to feel comfortable leaving their children with you, they have no reason not too! This means that if parents ask something from the babysitter like “can I get some water?” And if they respond by saying “sure” then everything should be fine! If someone says something else then there might be an issue later on down the road (like maybe when mommy comes home). That said though–there shouldn’t really ever be any problems unless maybe there’s one bad apple in every bunch?

Start a dog-walking business

If you love dogs, but aren’t old enough to get a job at the local pet store yet, consider starting your own dog-walking business. This can be a great way to make some extra money while keeping fit. To become a successful dog walker:

  • Be able to walk dogs for at least an hour at a time. If you’re going to be walking multiple dogs, it’s important that your feet are up for it!
  • Have an escape plan in case anything goes wrong—you don’t want one of those poor pups running off into traffic because he or she was spooked by an unexpected noise from somewhere else on the street!

Become a YouTube sensation

If you enjoy making videos or have a knack for being in front of the camera, consider posting videos on YouTube. This is especially true if you’re between 13 and 18 years old and want to get some experience working in the entertainment industry.

With YouTube, it’s easy to make money by having ads placed on your video page. You’ll be paid when people watch your videos and click on ads that appear before or during the video content. The more clicks you receive per month, the more money gets deposited into your account each month by Google (the owner of YouTube).

Get a job at a fast food restaurant

If you’re looking for a job and have a little experience, you may want to consider fast food. This can be a great way to earn extra money and learn valuable skills. Here’s how:

  • Apply in person at the restaurant where you would like to work. Be sure to bring copies of your resume with you, as well as any other documents that might be required by the business (such as proof of age).
  • Prepare for your interview by practicing answering questions that might come up during an interview and dressing appropriately for it—the manager will decide whether or not he or she wants to hire based on what he/she sees and hears during this interaction! The manager will also ask about past experiences working in fast food restaurants before making his/her decision; don’t forget these things!

Set up an Etsy shop

Etsy is a good place to sell your crafts.

However, it has a lot of competition, so you need to have a good product. You also need to have a good profit margin or you won’t make any money!

There are fees involved with Etsy, so you need to be very careful with what products you sell there, and how much they cost.

Print business cards for yourself

In a professional tone:

Printing business cards is a great way to get your name out there, and it’s a super-easy way to let people know what you do. Plus, you can use them to promote yourself at networking events or even to hand out as party favors!

The best part? It doesn’t take much time or money. If you have access to a printer (you probably have one already), all you need are some blank business cards and some paper stock. Then just print away!

Work concessions at the local movie theater or arena

A concession stand employee is a young person who works in a movie theater or arena and sells food and drinks to the customers.

You will need to be able to work late into the evening and on weekends, as these are often peak hours for business at movie theaters. You may also have to work some nights when there are special events such as concerts or sporting events, so you should be comfortable working alone in an environment that can sometimes be noisy and crowded.

As a concession stand employee, you might have to work fast as people will want their food quickly before they start watching the movie or game they came out for. Fortunately, this job generally doesn’t require too much heavy lifting since most of your supplies will already be stocked behind your counter before opening time each day!

There are lots of jobs that a 13 year old can have!

There are lots of jobs that a 13 year old can have. It is important to have a job because it helps you make money, which is one of the most important things in life. It is also good for you to do something fun and exciting, so that you don’t get bored or depressed like some teenagers do when they are not working. If your parents will let you work, then it’s probably best if the job is also one that pays well and makes you happy!


A lot of things get more difficult as you get older, but finding a job isn’t one of them! There are a few steps you can take to make sure your first experience with getting paid for work is easy and fun. For example, you’ll want to look into what kinds of jobs or businesses exist in your area that would be suitable for someone like yourself. While many other things get harder as we grow up, it’s great that at least this one thing stays pretty simple!

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