What jobs can 18 year olds get

The thought of having a job at eighteen can sound pretty exciting, especially if you’re just starting out in life or if you’re going to school full time. However, figuring out what jobs are available once you reach eighteen isn’t as easy as you may think. This is because everyone has different interests, wants come in their own order, and many people don’t know what they want to do with the rest of their life. This means that everyone has a different idea of what a good job is. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why this occurs and how you can overcome them. As well as take a look at some ideas on what types of jobs are available to eighteen year olds.

18 year olds can get a variety of jobs, depending on their interests and skill sets. Here are some possibilities:

  • Tutor students in math or English: Tutoring is an option for many 18 year olds because they are still in high school themselves.
  • Work at a fast food restaurant: These jobs tend to be easier to get and often require less experience than other jobs.
  • Work as a cashier: Cashiers don’t need much experience, and they are often hired by companies that have multiple locations.

What jobs can 18 year olds get

Working in sales

One of the best jobs for 18 year olds is in sales. Salespeople can make a lot of money and get promoted to management, so if you’re looking for a career that can lead to high pay and status, it’s hard to beat this option.

Sales jobs are available in a variety of industries: retail stores, restaurants, hotels—you name it! You’ll also find many sales opportunities outside your local area if you’re willing to travel.

You’ll want to start with an entry-level position at one company before moving on to others as your experience grows. This will give you time to learn each company’s sales strategy before making decisions about where else you might want or need work experience down the road.[END]


Acting is a great job for 18 year olds because it’s flexible, fun and rewarding.

  • Flexibility: Acting often requires hours of training and practice, but the payoffs are worth it. You may have to do odd jobs in your spare time, but you can take on as many auditions as you want while still keeping your day job (if you have one).
  • Fun: Working in the arts has its perks! Actors get to hang out with others who share their passion for acting—and maybe even perform together on stage or screen. Plus, being in front of the camera means getting paid for doing what comes naturally: being yourself! If that’s not fun enough, consider this: every day is different at an acting gig; there will always be something new to learn about how human behavior works so that each performance feels fresh and unique.
  • Rewarding: Working as an actor gives young adults valuable life experience through practice sessions where they’ll learn how far they can push themselves towards excellence without getting burned out by overwork or mental exhaustion.”

Retail sales

As a retail salesperson, you’ll be responsible for selling products to customers at stores such as department stores and grocery stores. While getting your foot in the door is often challenging, those who eventually land jobs usually make an average of $12 per hour.

In order to become a successful retail salesperson, it’s important that you have excellent communication skills so that you can connect with people on a personal level and persuade them to buy what you’re selling. Another good quality for this type of job is patience—after all, some customers may require more time than others!

The duties of this position vary from company to company but generally include greeting customers warmly when they enter the store; explaining any promotions or special offers; providing receipts after transactions are completed; helping customers find items they seek if needed; and keeping track of inventory levels by placing merchandise into bins/shelves.

Food service

The food service industry is a great option for 18-year-olds looking to work after school. There are many different jobs available in this field, including:

  • Bartender or server
  • Cook or baker
  • Host/hostess, and others.

The skills needed to be successful in these positions include strong communication and customer service skills, as well as basic math skills such as counting change or calculating tips. Most food service jobs require workers to have some experience working with customers in order to get hired by most establishments; however, some places will train employees on the job if they are able to prove they have strong potential through their resume or cover letter during an interview process.


Babysitting is a great job for 18 year olds because it requires you to do what you love: hanging out with kids! There are several different ways that you can get paid to hang out with kids. You could babysit for your friends or family, and if they trust you enough, they may even let you watch their own children. And if your parents trust you enough, maybe they’ll let them watch your own children!

It’s also possible that other parents would hire an 18 year old as a babysitter at their house. And since there are so many different types of people in the world and some of those kinds of people have kids (and like to go on vacation), there will always be opportunities available for hours upon hours of quality time spent playing games, teaching crafts or watching TV shows together

Restaurant host or hostess

Restaurant host or hostess

The role of a restaurant host or hostess is to greet customers when they enter, seat them and take their orders. You’ll need to be friendly and outgoing, as well as have an eye for detail. The job itself will help you gain valuable skills such as customer service, communication and teamwork.

There are a lot of great jobs for 18 year olds.

As an 18 year old, you have a lot of options when it comes to work. You can get a job as a teenager or as a high school student. You may have heard that the best time to start looking for employment is in your junior year of high school, but that doesn’t mean you should wait until then! Sometimes college students need part-time jobs too in order to pay for their tuition and books, so don’t stress about not having enough experience yet.

If you want to start working before applying for college or university courses, then consider applying for some of these great opportunities:

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