What jobs can 16 year olds get

If you are a 16 year old trying to figure out what jobs you can get, this article is for you. You want to work now and not just in the distant future but that won’t be possible for many years to come. But I will tell you how you can build a resume in high school that will help you get any job you want when you do graduate from high school.

16-year-olds can get jobs in a variety of fields.

There are jobs for 16 year olds as babysitters and nannies, lifeguards, waiters and waitresses, camp counselors, and more.

The best way to find out what jobs are available near you is to look at local newspapers or websites that list jobs available in your area.

what jobs can 16 year olds get


From the time they’re small, kids always seem to be asking for “an allowance.” And while many kids get a weekly allowance just for being a member of the family, it’s natural to assume that at some point, they should start earning their keep by doing chores. But what if you want your kid to earn more than that? How about giving them a summer job? The minimum age for working in most states is 14 years old (in others it’s even younger), but these jobs are typically limited to tasks such as newspaper delivery or lawn mowing — things that can be done without adult supervision. Once your child turns 16, though, there are much more options. Here’s a list of 14 great jobs for 16-year-olds, plus information on what kind of tasks you may be asked to do and how much money you can expect to make.

Cashier at the mall.

At your local mall, you can get a job as a cashier and start earning money to save for college or even buy the latest electronic gadget. To get this job, you’ll need to go through an interview process and then provide proper identification. Once you have the job, you’ll greet customers as they enter the store and help them find what they’re looking for. You can also assist with returns or exchanges if needed. When it’s time to close up shop at night, make sure all of your cash registers are balanced before turning in receipts and money until morning when things open back up again!


You must be at least 16 years old to become a babysitter. You’ll need to pass a background check and criminal background check, as well as a child abuse registry and sex offender registry check.

Movie theater worker.

  • Movie theater worker.
  • Movie theater cashier.
  • Movie theater ticket taker.
  • Movie theater concessions.

You can also work in the popcorn stand, candy counter, or concession stand at a movie theater.

Restaurant host or hostess.

Hostess or host: You’re the first person patrons see when they enter a restaurant. It’s your job to greet them and seat them at a table, after which you’ll bring their food and drinks. When patrons are finished eating, it’s your job to clear their plates.

You may also be called upon to bus tables (clear dirty dishes), make coffee and tea runs for customers who prefer these beverages over alcoholic ones, clean tables between meals (you will probably not be responsible for cleaning bathrooms) or even take inventory of supplies like napkins, ketchup bottles and salt shakers.

It can be stressful work if there are many people in the restaurant at once because then you’ll need to pay close attention so that everyone gets what they ordered without having any mix-ups with orders between tables. The key is remaining calm under pressure so that no one gets upset by mistakes on your part!

Grocery store worker.

Grocery store workers will often be teenagers, but you can also find grocery store workers who are older. You’ll need to be able to work with cash and checkouts, handle food products, interact with customers and other employees and the store manager. Grocery stores are owned by a family or corporation so there’s always someone higher up than you who is in charge of your job.

Camp counselor.

Camp counselors are in charge of an array of activities and responsibilities at camps. They help campers get to know one another, teach them new skills and games, and make sure they’re enjoying themselves.

Camp counselors also run special events throughout the year for campers and staff members, such as summer concerts or midway carnivals.

The requirements for becoming a camp counselor vary widely depending on the type of camp you’re applying to work at: some may require that you hold CPR certification; others may ask that you have previous experience working with children; still others might not require any sort of previous employment history. Some camps provide training for their employees before the season begins; others don’t offer training until after orientation week has already begun.

The salary range varies according to location (urban vs rural) as well as specialization (nature/outdoor programs vs arts & crafts). The average starting salary starts around $10/hour but can climb higher if specialized training is required by the employer (e.g., swimming instructor).

Pet sitter or walker.

If you love animals, there are plenty of opportunities to make a little money while doing something you love. As a pet sitter or walker, you can get paid to take care of people’s pets while the owners are away.

Pet sitting jobs include walking dogs and cats, feeding fish and birds, cleaning up after horses (if they’re housebroken), and even caring for snakes!

Newspaper delivery person.

You can deliver newspapers, magazines and flyers. You will need to be trustworthy and have good customer service skills. You should also be able to work early in the morning or late at night.

There are many ways you can make money as a newspaper delivery person:

  • Deliver newspapers, magazines and flyers for one company (this may involve going door-to-door).
  • Deliver free newspapers or magazines from a street corner stand (you will receive part of the money people pay your boss).

You could also become an independent contractor for a company that provides advertising services such as distributing leaflets or advertising inserts in local newspapers.

Tutor to other younger students after school.

Tutoring is a great option for 16 year olds who still want to make money while they’re in high school, or if they’re going to school full-time and need extra cash. You can tutor students of any age in almost any subject. You may even be able to find some clients through your school’s tutoring program, or local community learning centers that provide free tutoring services.

It’s also possible to tutor online through websites like Tutor.com or Chegg Tutors (formerly SmartThinking), where you can set your own rates and schedule lessons accordingly.

It is tough to find a job at 16, but there are some options

Now that we have covered some of the basic qualifications for finding a job, let’s get into some more concrete things you can do to help yourself find a job.

First, remember that persistence is key. You need to be willing to work hard and apply for jobs over and over again until you find something suitable for your skill set and interests. If one company turns down your application, move on and try another one! Remember: there are hundreds of other companies out there looking for people like you!

Second, don’t expect any job at all—and if it comes up unexpectedly (like when someone else gets sick), go with it! This might mean taking on manual labor or working as an assistant in an office setting without much pay; however, these jobs will give you valuable experience in different fields that may open doors later when it comes time for promotions within those industries (or even better yet—getting hired again).


You will probably have to find a job that doesn’t require much training or experience. You should also look for a job that is near your home so you can get there without having to drive too far. The best place to start is by applying at local businesses like grocery stores, restaurants, and movie theaters. These places often have openings for people with little experience and don’t usually require much training either.

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