What jobs can 11 year olds get

The question of what jobs can 11 year olds get is one that needs to be asked because, like the other questions you might have in your mind at this moment, there is a stack answer for it. Of course, since no-one can give you a set of solid answers, I’ll just deliver my own and let you read from there.

If you are 11 years old and had to get a job so you aren’t homeless, will you stay in school or drop out and make money doing something else? I think you should stay in school, get a job but keep your grades up so that instead of going straight to college, your employer will pay for it. By this time you can be a 17 year old who needs help with creating a resume.

What jobs can 11 year olds get


You’re a young person who’s growing up fast. You want to be an adult, but it seems like you have to wait forever for that to happen! Well, the truth is that a lot of adult responsibilities come long before you get to the point where you can move out or drive a car. Particularly if your parents are asking you to pitch in around the house more often, it might be time for you to get some real work experience. But what kind of jobs can 11-year-olds do? And how do they even start looking? It’s not as hard as it looks: here are some ideas for jobs that many 11 year olds could do.

Lawn mowing

Lawn mowing is a great job for 11 year olds. You can get paid for it and you can do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you. You can also do lawn mowing in your own neighborhood, which is convenient. It’s an easy way to earn money if you want to save up for something big like a television or video game console.

If you want to start mowing lawns, find people who live near your house who are willing to give their lawns a trimming every week or two (or twice a month). Then make sure they pay well enough that it makes sense financially! Once they give their permission, ask them how often they want the grass cut and how many times per week/month etc., so that when their yard looks nice again after being cut down by rain or other reasons why people don’t want their grass cut regularly then go ahead with those requests too!

Pet sitting

Pet sitting is one of the best jobs for 11 year olds. It’s super easy to get and you can make a lot of money doing it, plus you get to hang out with animals all day! Here’s what you need to know:

  • Pet sitting isn’t just for dogs and cats. You can also babysit fish and hamsters.
  • Ask around at your school about pet sitters who are hiring workers, or put up flyers advertising yourself as a pet sitter in your neighborhood.
  • The job pays $10-$15 per hour depending on how many pets you watch (and how much work goes into watching them.)
  • You should have basic first aid skills like CPR and bandaging wounds because sometimes things happen unexpectedly, like when Mr. Whiskers got his tail caught in a tree branch while chasing squirrels outside!

House Sitting

House sitting is a great way to earn money while you travel. House sitters stay in someone’s home during the owner’s absence and take care of the property, pets, and other animals.

The benefits of house sitting are:

  • You’ll make money!
  • You can stay at a nice house or apartment for free in exchange for taking care of it.

The requirements for being a house sitter include:

  • The ability to walk dogs or cats on short leashes; feed them; clean their litter boxes; refill their water bowls; keep them company (dogs); etc. This is important because many animals get depressed when left alone for long periods of time—and depressed animals are not happy customers! It will also help your employer if they know that you have experience with pets since they will trust your ability to take good care of them while they’re away from home.
  • An outgoing personality that makes people feel comfortable around you (this helps ensure continued employment).
  • A trustworthy nature so that clients know they won’t come back from vacation only to find their belongings missing/stolen/broken/etcetera…

Snow Shoveling

Getting a job as a snow shoveler is a great way for young people to earn some extra cash. However, it can also be difficult to find and secure the right kind of job. Make sure you know how much money you want to make before looking into this field. If your child has never shoveled snow before and would like to try it out, look into hiring them on as an assistant or apprentice at someone’s home or business that doesn’t have much snowfall but needs help during the winter months.

If your child is interested in starting his/her own business and earning money from anyone who needs their services (and can pay), then he/she should create an advertisement or flyer with pricing information available upon request by emailing him/her directly through email address provided here: [email protected]

  • Price varies depending on size of property (commonly $10-$20 per hour)

It may seem like an easy task at first glance; however there are many factors involved that could make this type of work difficult for kids under 18 years old such as weather conditions like freezing temperatures that can cause frostbite if not treated immediately after being exposed long enough without proper equipment like gloves which aren’t cheap either! Other safety hazards include falling ice chunks which could result in serious injury if caught off guard when trying not being careful enough while working out there alone so always keep these things in mind before agreeing too quickly without asking questions first.”

Car Cleaning

You can clean cars, but only if you’re between 11 and 14. It is a good job to get because you get paid.

It’s easy to do: You just have to wash the outside of the car with water and soap, dry it off, then wash the inside with water and soap again. Then you can clean all the windows (inside and out), the tires and wheels, trunk door handles/trunk lid latch area/boot lock handle area (if there is one), engine bay (if there is one), dashboard and seats too if you want!

Lemonade Stands

If you’ve got a young entrepreneur in your house, consider setting up a lemonade stand. It’s a great family-friendly business that can be started with just some fresh lemons and sugar.

This is an excellent summer job for kids who prefer to be outside, love talking to people and enjoy making and selling things. They’ll get plenty of exercise running back and forth from their secret hiding spot as they fetch supplies for their customers. They can also flex their creativity by thinking up new flavors like “strawberry-kumquat” or “chocolate-mint.”

Paper Route

Paper Route: A paper route is when you deliver newspapers or magazines to customers each week, often in the early morning or after school. The amount of money you can make depends on how many papers your customers buy and how far away they are from your house. If there is a good local newspaper, this job may be worth considering because it’s easy to get started as a part-time job during summer vacation.

If you don’t have a car or driver’s license, don’t worry! There are lots of ways that kids can get paper routes without their parents having to drive them everywhere:

  • Some companies will even help out by delivering the papers for free if you agree to provide them with advertising space on the front page of each issue (for example).
  • Other companies ask that parents contact friends who live in areas not served by their services and ask them if they’d like someone else delivering their newspapers instead.

These are some ideas for jobs that many 11 year olds could do.

There are many jobs that 11 year olds can do. Some of the most common ones are babysitting and dog walking, but there are also other options for young people to earn money. If you’re a responsible person, then these might be good choices for you.

  • Babysitting: In this job, you take care of children while their parents are away. You’ll need to make sure they’re safe, fed and entertained while they’re at home playing games with your friends!
  • Dog walking: This is similar to babysitting except it involves taking care of dogs instead of children! By doing this job well, you could earn some extra cash while helping animals get exercise in their daily lives – everyone wins!


These are all jobs that any 11 year old could do with enough determination and effort. Use these tips to get a job that you enjoy!

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