What jobs can 10 year olds do

So what jobs can 10 year olds do? Well that depends on an 10 year old kid. If you’re asking yourself this question, then you should know there are few things that 10 year olds can’t do. Here we go…

The term “child labor” is thrown around loosely, and a lot of people don’t know what jobs can 10 year olds do. The truth is that there are no jobs that kids should be doing before they turn the age of 18, but there are some jobs 10 year olds can do.

Are you a young child looking for a way to earn money? If so, you’re in the right place! This page will discuss a few jobs that 10 year olds can do and that pay reasonably well. The first job we’re going to be looking at is babysitting. Babysitting can be a good way to start off your short-term career if you’re looking for something easy to get into. Babysitting jobs are fairly easy to find, and can lead into other possibilities such as nanny work. Another great job for 10 year olds that pays well is dog walking. If you like animals, this may be the perfect part-time summer job for you!

10 year old jobs can be both fun and educational. As a parent, you try to do your best to teach young children about life, society and the world around them. If your child is a responsible 10 year old, why not give him/her job responsibilities that are actually interesting? The following list of 10 year old jobs may sound unusual, but I guarantee they fulfill all the needs that parents and employers want from their young employees- reliability, honesty and hard work.

What jobs can 10 year olds do


As a young person, you’re probably looking for ways to earn money. There are plenty of legitimate ways to make some cash outside of an official job, including babysitting and lawn care. I have a list here that includes jobs for 10 year olds, so you can find something that works with your skills and interests without breaking any laws.


Recycling is a great way for kids to help the environment by reducing waste. The best way to teach your child about recycling is to show them what can be recycled, how much of each item should be recycled, and where they can take the items in their community. For example:

You might say something like: “We need paper and cardboard, but not things like plastic or glass bottles. We also need metal cans and plastic containers with a number 1 through 6 on them. If you see any food wrappers or napkins that have writing on them, those are recyclable too!”

Once your child understands what materials are recyclable, it’s time for him/her to start learning what happens when they’re put into bins at home or brought out into community recycling bins. You might say something like: “Paper goes into one bin and cardboard goes into another bin; metals go in another bin; plastics go in another—and so on! Then someone comes along periodically (or every day) picks up all these different types of materials from all across town.”

Pet Care

You should be able to take care of a variety of pets, but you will have the most success with dogs and cats. Cats require a lot of attention if they are indoor pets, which means that they can be trained to use a litter box and given food at specific times. Dogs are more independent than cats and don’t need as much attention or training. Some dogs can even use an outdoor kennel by themselves for long periods at a time!

Some animal shelters will allow you to volunteer with animals directly from home or work in order to get experience prior to working full-time in this job field.

Weeding and watered

  • Weed, Water and Harvest Plants
  • Plant Seeds
  • Plant Trees
  • Plant Flowers and Vegetables (perhaps even edible ones!)5. Plant Bulbs

Computer Work

Computer skills are essential for any job. You might be surprised to know that some 10 year olds can use a computer and even create basic programs! Computer skills can be taught at home by parents, in the classroom by teachers, or when kids hang out with other children who have more experience. The important thing is to encourage your child’s curiosity about technology and show interest in what they are doing on the computer.

Tutor a young child in math or reading skills

Tutor a young child in reading and writing skills. This can be as simple as helping a young child learn their alphabet, write their name and practice spelling words.

Teach basic math skills to a young child. This may include teaching the names of numbers and counting up to 20, how many pennies are in 1 dollar or 25 cents, how many nickels there are in $5 and so on.

Teach basic computer skills to a young child that have access to a computer at home or school. A 10 year old can teach them how to use Microsoft Word or paint programs on computers with these programs already installed which makes it easier for younger children who have no experience using computers yet because they don’t know where all the buttons are located or what each one does yet!

Make crafts with younger children

Crafts are a good way to make gifts for family members, express your creativity and teach young children how to follow instructions. If you have younger siblings, it’s also a great opportunity to spend time with them and teach them new things.

Make gifts for family members’ birthdays or Christmas

For younger children, it’s a good idea to have them make gifts for family members’ birthdays or Christmas. This could include:

  • A scrapbook.
  • A card with their photo on it.
  • A painting or drawing.
  • A photo album with photos of them and their family members inside of it.
  • Necklaces and bracelets made out of things such as beads you can find at craft stores or items you can find around your house, like buttons or shells from the beach that are smooth enough to slide onto strings (don’t use anything sharp). You could also try making bracelets out of recycled materials such as soda cans cut into strips with wire cutters before being woven together into a chain bracelet; this project requires patience but is rewarding when finished! For older kids who have some artistic talent may want to try making jewelry with colored pencils instead; this technique involves drawing lines onto paper first before cutting them out so they match up perfectly when put back together again using glue dots placed along each edge where they intersect each other; this gives an interesting effect since only certain parts will show through!

There are jobs for 10 year old kids.

There are jobs for 10 year old kids. Some of these jobs are fun, others practical and some are the kind of thing you can do with your friends while making a little extra cash on the side. Here is a list of jobs that 10 year olds can do:

  • Tutoring – This can be good if it’s something you particularly enjoy teaching as well as learning about. Tutoring is important because it helps people learn what they need to know in order to succeed later in life.
  • Dog walking – This job would be best suited for those who love animals and have patience when dealing with them! You get lots of exercise too which means your health will improve from all those walks around town!


We hope you have been inspired to find the best job for your 10 year old family member. These jobs will help them learn responsibility and earn pocket money!

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