What is the average salary for a voice actor

If you still haven’t chosen a career start you should know that voice acting means the entire range of voice types, accents and tones: from professional voiceover artist to singing telegram delivery or even call center attendant. The average salary for an experienced voice actor ranges from $30,000 -$40,000. Since this profession takes a lot of your time and effort you will never be able to earn really huge amounts of money.

The average salary for a voice actor depends on a number of factors. First, it is important to note that there are two types of voice actors: those who work primarily in film and television, and those who work primarily in video games and cartoons. The latter category tends to be much more lucrative due to the large amount of money that can be made from video game sales.

Average salaries for voice actors range from $10 per hour up to hundreds of dollars per hour. The average rate for a Hollywood actor is $150 per hour, while actors working in the gaming industry might make as much as $350 per hour.

What is the average salary for a voice actor


If you are just getting started as a voice actor, it is important to understand what the average wage is for this industry. The reason being, there are so many different types of voiceover work that pay rates can vary greatly depending on which area you end up in. For example, if you land your first gig doing an audiobook narration – chances are good the pay will be much higher than if you did a commercial or cartoon. So what exactly is “average”? An experienced professional might earn anywhere between $250-$1,000 per hour while someone new to the field may only make around $25-$75 per hour (or less). You should also consider whether or not they’re unionized when calculating your own salary expectations–if yes then expect at least twice as much!

As a voice actor, you have to have a thick skin but that doesn’t mean you should settle for less than your worth.

As a voice actor, you have to have a thick skin. You will deal with rejection, people who don’t understand what you are doing and people who don’t think you are worth what they think you should be asking for.

But if you have any intention of being successful in the business of voice over work, then it’s time to stop settling for less than your worth!

It’s important to be flexible in the beginning, but after working in the industry for a while it is ok to ask for more than the average.

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The average salary differs depending on what kind of voiceover work you are doing.

The average salary varies depending on the type of work you are doing. The average voiceover artist makes $40,000 per year. If you are looking for work as a voice actor, expect to make anywhere from $100 to $1,000 per hour.

Successful voice actors make much more than the average – sometimes up to 6 figures per job.

The secret to making more is simple: be good at what you do. A good voice actor will always be in demand, and if you want to get paid more, make sure that your talent shines through. There are a few tips that will help with this:

  • Get better at what you do by taking classes and doing auditions. The more practice, the better!
  • Learn how to adapt your voice work to different situations – some projects require a calm voice while others may need a booming one; learn how to switch between them seamlessly so clients know they can count on you for all their needs!

The average is important to know, but it is not as important as knowing how to get ahead.

Knowing the average can help you better negotiate job offers, set your own prices and determine if you are being paid fairly. Knowing the average will also help you know if you are being paid too much for a given project.


So, what is the average salary for a voice actor? The answer depends on many factors: where you live, how much experience you have, and what kind of work you do. Even within these categories there are variations – like whether or not your client is in-house vs. an agency. On average though, most voice actors who are just starting out will earn somewhere between $50-$150 per hour depending on their skill level and location (for example: New York City may pay more than Miami). That’s why it’s important to think about where you want to perform before jumping into this career path!

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