What is the average salary for a person living in georgia

If you’re on this page, chances are you’d like to know what the average wage / salary is for people living in Georgia. Then, I’m happy to tell you that you’ve arrived at the right place! On this dedicated web resource, you’ll find a complete guide to average salaries for workers in the United States of America.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a person living in Georgia is $37,240 per year. This includes both part-time and full-time workers.

What is the average salary for a person living in Georgia


We often hear people use the term “average salary” when discussing the cost of living in a certain area. But what exactly is an average salary? For this article, we’ll be using the definition of average as being “an amount, level, or rate that is typical for a group or class.” This means it’s not necessarily the same thing as “median,” which is defined as being “the middle value in a distribution of observed values.” An example with numbers will make this clearer:

Three people are asked how much money they earn per year:

Person A earns $30,000 per year.

Person B earns $45,000 per year.

Person C earns $50,000 per year.

If we were to use the median income here (finding the middle number between 30k and 45k), it would be 37,500. If we were to use the average income (adding all 3 incomes together and dividing by 3), it would be 40,000. So while these two numbers can sometimes be similar, they do not always convey the same information unless you’re looking at very large data sets (like nationwide averages). In this case though there are three numbers so either method would work well enough for our purposes here today!

The average household salary in Georgia is U.S. $62,498

According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2006-2010 American Community Survey (median income estimates)

The average salary for 2016 in Georgia was $67,700

Average salary in Atlanta was $107,700

The average salary in Atlanta was $107,700. If you need help with the cost of living in Georgia or anywhere else, check out this list of cities with the highest salaries in America.

Per capita personal income in 2017 was $46,764

Per capita personal income in Georgia was $46,764 in 2017. This is higher than the average per capita personal income of $45,923 for the U.S., which has a population of 326 million.

The average salary for a person living in Georgia is about U.S. $60,000


This article shows that Georgia has a high median income compared to other states. The average salary for all workers was $60,000 in 2017. This means that if you live there, your salary could be higher or lower depending on what type of job you have and where it is located within the state.

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