Medical social worker salary with master’s degree

If you want to compare the salary of a medical social worker with a master’s degree, then it’s very easy. You just need to take two pieces of information and be ready to extract some bits of data from them. We will start with the first piece of data. It’s an average U.S. Social worker salary with a bachelor degree is $50,650 per year which means that a medical social worker with a master’s degree earns $5,890 more per year than those who have just undergraduate degrees.

The average salary for a medical social worker with a master’s degree is $58,000.

Medical social workers are trained to help patients understand the treatments they are receiving and how those treatments will interact with other aspects of their lives. They also work to make sure patients have access to the services they need, such as transportation or housing. Medical social workers may work in hospitals, doctors’ offices, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, or mental health facilities.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that medical social workers earned an average of $57,440 per year as of May 2017. The top 10% earned over $82,250 per year.

Medical social worker salary with master’s degree


Medical social workers are an integral part of the health care system, connecting patients with the appropriate services they need to recover after a hospitalization. Medical social workers may help connect families with programs that provide housing and food, as well as offer referrals to resources like physical therapy and counseling. Find out what a medical social worker is, how to get into this career, and what you can expect when it comes to earning potential.

What is a medical social worker?

Medical social workers can help patients and their families deal with a broad range of issues, including:

  • Emotional and social impact of illness. Medical social workers offer support for patients, helping them cope with the physical, emotional and financial burden of their illness.
  • Healthcare system navigation. Medical social workers assist patients in navigating the healthcare system by providing guidance on insurance coverage, billing procedures and doctor referrals. They also work closely with medical providers to refer individuals to specialty care providers when necessary or appropriate.
  • Financial and insurance issues. Medical social workers help patients understand how they can best manage their finances while living with an illness or disability; they also help families prepare for large healthcare expenses through estate planning counseling or by connecting them with community resources that provide financial assistance programs (such as Medicaid).
  • Grief/loss support services: In addition to providing bereavement services for those who have recently lost someone dear to them (elderly parents; children), medical social workers are often found serving individuals who are coping with chronic illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease or cancer survivors who have experienced significant trauma during treatment such as surgery removal from body parts due to cancerous tumors.”

How much do medical social workers make with a master’s degree?

The average medical social worker salary with a master’s degree is between $65,000 and $80,000 per year. While this may seem like a lot of money, keep in mind that your education will cost you more than just tuition fees. You’ll need to pay for school supplies and textbooks too, which can add up quickly.

In addition to paying for your own schooling (or taking out student loans), you might also want to consider whether you should take on any internship or job opportunities while in school if they could lead to better employment prospects after graduation.

How can you earn more as a medical social worker?

If you’re looking to earn more as a medical social worker, there are several ways that you can do so:

  • Work in a higher paying field. Some medical social workers earn less than others because they work in areas that offer less compensation than other fields. If you are qualified to work as an independent contractor, it might be worth considering whether or not to pursue this option if you’re currently employed by someone else.
  • Work in a larger city. Working in a big city will increase your chances of finding jobs and may give you access to more opportunities as well. Plus, it’s likely that salaries will also be higher due to increased competition among employers for qualified applicants and demand from patients who can afford private healthcare plans (which usually cost more per month).
  • Work in specialized fields such as research or academia rather than clinical practice – this way, those who specialize become specialists instead of generalists about their field which allows them make more money because there’s less competition out there!

Medical social workers help people deal with life circumstances that impact their health.

Medical social workers help people deal with life circumstances that impact their health, such as financial problems, divorce and substance abuse. They also help patients cope with terminal illnesses, such as cancer.

The average annual salary for a master’s level medical social worker is $67,000 in 2018.


Have you decided to go for it and pursue your master’s degree in social work? If so, congratulations on this exciting new chapter. We hope that our guide has been helpful as you prepare for this next step. As a final reminder, know that your master’s degree can open up all sorts of doors, but don’t let money be the only factor when choosing which program or school is right for you. Choose a program that will allow you to explore the specific interests, skills and abilities that make you passionate about working with people who need your help!

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