Logistics And Supply Chain Management Courses

Logistics And Supply Chain Management Courses

Logistics and supply chain management courses are designed to prepare students for a career in the logistics and supply chain industry. The courses cover topics including logistics management, supply chain management, warehousing and distribution, international trade, and more. Students will learn about the latest developments in logistics and supply chain management through lectures, group discussions, case studies and projects. Logistics And Supply Chain Management Courses

Many companies rely on logistics and supply chain management professionals to provide them with efficient service. These professionals use their knowledge of how goods move from one place to another to provide companies with the services they need. They may also be responsible for managing warehouses or ensuring that products are delivered when customers want them.

Logistics And Supply Chain Management Courses


Whether you’re in logistics or a supply chain professional, professional development is essential. These courses can help you build your understanding of the technology, processes and skills needed for job growth and career development.

Introduction to Logistics and Supply Chain Management – University of Pennsylvania

Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a vast field of study that involves the management of all stages of production, transportation, and distribution processes. This includes calculating how much inventory needs to be stocked at warehouses, shipping routes, inventory control systems, ensuring that goods reach their destination on time and in good condition and more.

Logistics and Supply Chain management have been around for hundreds of years but the profession did not become prominent until the Second World War when governments needed ways to get supplies from factories to troops around the world. It was only after this point that universities started offering Logistics courses so students could learn about what it takes to manage large scale supply chains across different industries.

There are several sub-categories within logistics including: Operations Research (OR), Inventory Control Systems (ICS), Transportation Planning & Management (TPM) or Distribution Design & Strategy(DD&S).

Supply Chain Management – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Supply chain management is a course on how to manage supply chains. A supply chain is the set of activities required to produce, deliver, and maintain an item or service requested by a customer. The course teaches students how to meet the needs of their customers in order to maximize profits. It also teaches students how to manage the various processes involved in meeting these goals with limited resources and human capital.

Understand Construction Procurement (UK) – The Open University

Understand Construction Procurement (UK) is a course for non-construction professionals who are interested in the construction industry and procurement processes. This course will help you understand the key principles of contract management, including how to prepare for a tender process, how to source and select suppliers and contractors, what happens when work is completed and how budgets are managed throughout the lifecycle of a project.

  • Course overview:

This free online course provides an understanding of what procurement is, why it’s important for businesses across all sectors and covers core skills such as tendering, sourcing suppliers & contractors on time & on budget. It also provides an insight into industry regulations in relation to health & safety at work as well as environmental issues around waste management through recycling or disposal methods such as landfill sites etc.*

Supply Chain Processes and Management – University of Sheffield

Supply chain processes and management is a major area of study at the University of Sheffield. This course introduces students to the concept of supply chain management, as well as looking into different aspects such as logistics, procurement, manufacturing and distribution.

Procurement and Contracts Management for Civil Engineers – National Taiwan University

Procurement and Contracts Management for Civil Engineers – National Taiwan University

If you are looking to boost your career in civil engineering, this course is the perfect place to start. It will provide you with a solid foundation in procurement and contracts management, as well as help you build up the skills needed to effectively manage projects from start to finish. The course lasts one week, during which time it will cover topics such as:

  • Procurement Strategy
  • Contract Types – Fixed Price or Time & Materials?
  • Risk Management Strategies

Logistics in a Global Economy – Duke University

Duke University is a private research university in Durham, North Carolina. The university was founded by Methodists and Quakers in the present-day town of Trinity in 1838. In 1865, tobacco and electric power industrialist James Buchanan Duke established The Duke Endowment, at which time the institution changed its name to honor his deceased father, Washington Duke.

The university’s campus spans over 8,600 acres (3,500 ha) on three contiguous campuses in Durham as well as a marine lab in Beaufort. The main campus—designed largely by architect Julian Abele—incorporates Gothic architecture with the 210-foot (64 m) Duke Chapel at the campus’ center and highest point of elevation.

This is a collection of courses that you can take to better understand logistics and supply chain management.

Here is a collection of courses you can take to better understand logistics and supply chain management. Many are available online for free, while some will cost you a fee or require an in-person class.

  • [Logistics Management] (https://www.edx.org/course/logistics-management-logistixx1x)
  • [Supply Chain Management: Demand and Supply Planning] (https://www.edx.org/course/supply-chain-management-demand-and-supply)
  • [Supply Chain Analytics] (https://www.coursera.org/learn/supplychainanalytics)


If you’re interested in logistics and supply chain management, there are plenty of online courses to get you started. While some require a fee or may have limited enrollment periods, they are all created by top universities around the world.

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