Llm Usa Cost For Indian Students

Llm Usa Cost For Indian Students

Llm means “Master of Law”. It is a professional degree that allows you to specialize in a specific area of law, like corporate law or international law. An LLM degree from a top ranked university will be an asset for anyone looking to pursue a career in law.

LLM programs are available at many universities around the world and are offered in various fields of study. The cost of an LLM program varies depending on the type of school and type of program, but it generally ranges from $40,000 – $100,000 per year.

In this article we’ll discuss how much you can expect to pay for an LLM degree in the United States.

Llm Usa Cost For Indian Students


LLM USA Cost For Indian Students


Study LLM in USA

Many students dream of pursuing their higher education from top universities across the globe. There are a lot of benefits that come with studying abroad, including better career prospects, higher pay packages, and vast opportunities for networking.

The United States has proven to be one of the most popular destinations for international students looking to pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree. Part of it has to do with the fact that U.S. universities are known for their academic rigor and research facilities all over the world. Another reason is that plenty of Americans study abroad every year as well and they tend to look down on those who don’t have a foreign degree on their resume!

Llm Usa Cost For Indian Students

Llm Usa Cost For Indian Students

Llm In Usa

Study Llm In Usa

Llm In Usa Scholarships

Llb Full Form

Llm In Usa

If you are planning to study LLM in USA then you must know about the cost of LLM program in USA. There are many advantages of studying law from the prestigious universities in USA, but also it is one of the most expensive countries for international students. So here we have listed top 10 best universities where you can get good scholarship and affordable tuition fee:

  • New York University
  • Northwestern University
  • Georgetown University
  • Columbia University (New York City Campus)
  • Cornell Law School (Ithaca, New York)
  • Harvard Law School
  • Stanford Law School

So if you want to get more information about these universities and other details related to your admission process on this blog!

Study llm in usa

  • Study LLM in USA
  • Study LLM in USA Cost
  • LLA In USA Cost
  • LLM In USA Fees Structure
  • LLM In USA Scholarship 2019

Llm in usa scholarships

If you are looking for scholarships for LLM in USA, we have a list of top scholarship programs. These scholarships are given by various universities and organizations to students who have good academic records.

  • University of Miami School of Law offers a variety of merit-based and need-based full-tuition LLM scholarships to admitted Indian students.
  • The University of California Hastings College of Law offers an LLM Diversity Scholarship program, which is awarded based on race and ethnicity, as well as financial need.
  • Columbia University School of Law provides funding assistance through their Merit Scholarships Program to international students with strong academic credentials who want to pursue an LLM degree at the law school but cannot afford it without help from outside sources

Llb full form

LLB (Bachelor of Laws)

LLM (Master of Laws)

LLM (Executive)

LLM (International) It is a part-time programme with flexible timings. You can study it while working full-time in India or abroad. Like most LLMs, this course is open to candidates who have completed their undergraduate degree from an Indian University or from any foreign university that has been recognised by the Bar Council of India. The duration of this course is two years after which you will be awarded with a Master’s Degree in Law.

Llm Usa Cost For Indian Students

LLM USA Cost For Indian Students

LLM USA Cost For Indian Students

LLM USA cost for Indian students is very high. But you can save your money by choosing the best law school in US. You can also save money by applying for a scholarship or financial aid. The tuition fee for graduate programs at top-ranked law schools in the United States is quite expensive as compared to undergraduate programs, but it varies from one institution to another and from year to year depending upon the availability of scholarships and financial aid packages offered by each school. The average tuition fee charged by U.S.-based law schools ranges between $40,000 – 50,000 per annum (including living expenses).


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