Junior Colleges In Texas With Dorms

Junior Colleges In Texas With Dorms

Junior colleges in Texas with dorms are a great option for students who want to live on campus but don’t want to pay the high price of room and board at a four-year institution. Many junior colleges in Texas offer dorms or housing options, ranging from doubles and singles to full apartments or suites. A number of these schools also offer meal plans, so you can cook your own meals in the apartment-style living spaces.

Living on campus is great for many reasons: it’s convenient, you’ll have access to a kitchen (or at least a fridge), and you can build relationships with other students while having fun off campus as well. And if you’re looking for ways to save some cash while attending college—and who isn’t?—then living on campus is the way to go!

Junior Colleges In Texas With Dorms


So, you’re thinking about attending a junior college in Texas. Maybe the cost of a four-year institution is higher than you expected, or maybe you’re not sure what your major will be. Or maybe you just want to be closer to home for now. There are lots of reasons why attending a junior college can make sense as part of your larger plan for pursuing higher education. For one thing, once you graduate with an associate degree from a junior college, many of your credits will transfer to four-year institutions—meaning that when the time comes to transition into a bachelor’s degree program, you’ll already be on track toward completing it sooner. By enrolling at a community college first, then transitioning into a bachelor’s program later on at either the same institution or at another one elsewhere in the state (or even out of state), many students find themselves saving money overall in tuition costs and other expenses such as housing and meal plans. And since many junior colleges in Texas offer on-campus housing—which means dorms—it might actually seem more attractive than moving away from home right off the bat while still getting the additional educational benefits that come with living on campus: increased academic success and involvement in campus life, among them.

Here are the junior colleges in Texas with dorms.

Here are the junior colleges in Texas with dorms:

  • Amarillo College, located in Amarillo, offers dormitories for both males and females. The housing options at the school include single rooms; two-person suites; and apartments.
  • Angelina College, located in Lufkin, offers dormitories for both male and female students who are attending classes on campus. There are also several apartment complexes near the college that offer housing to students who live off-campus but want to be close to their school.
  • Blinn College, located in Brenham, offers a limited number of residential options for those students living on-campus during their time at Blinn College. These include single rooms; two person suites; four person suites; apartments (two bedroom or four bedroom); and townhouses (two bedroom).
  • Central Texas College—Killeen Campus provides residential accommodations for both male and female students who wish to live on campus while taking courses at CTC – Killeen Campus Center . Dorm rooms are available as well as private apartments equipped with kitchenettes and bathrooms for each resident’s personal use . All residents must abide by a curfew policy enforced by the college which requires all residents be back inside their room before 11:00pm every night .

Amarillo College

Amarillo College is a public community college in Amarillo, Texas. The college has an enrollment of approximately 11,000 students. Amarillo College is a member of the Texas State Technical College System. The main campus is located on East 5th Avenue between Polk and Tyler Streets in downtown Amarillo.

Austin Community College District

The Austin Community College District is committed to providing the best possible educational experience for students. The district offers a variety of programs and services, including:

  • Housing options, such as residence halls on campus or apartments nearby.
  • Financial aid options, including grants and scholarships that you may be eligible for.
  • Student activities like clubs, intramural sports teams and academic competitions. Also included are student support services like tutoring or counseling centers at each campus location so that you can get help if you need it.

Central Texas College

Central Texas College is located in Killeen, TX. It offers a number of programs and clubs for students to get involved with. The school has several dorms that are available for rent by students looking for housing options.

Collin County Community College District

Collin County Community College District is a large community college located in Plano, Texas. The school was founded in 1966 and offers several associate degrees and technical certificates. The district also has three campuses: Plano, Frisco, and McKinney.

Located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Collin County Community College District has access to everything you need for a college experience including dorms for students who live outside of the area.

For students looking for housing near campus there are many options available through the school itself or through other local apartment complexes such as Ashton Falls Apartments or even off-campus housing from companies like Zumper! If you’re looking into living on campus at this school we highly recommend checking out their website for more information about what’s available at each location before making your decision based off just price alone!

Dallas County Community College District

Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) is a community college district in Dallas, Texas. It has two campuses in the Dallas area: Brookhaven and Cedar Valley.

In addition to providing general education courses and programs, DCCCD also offers nursing degrees at each of its campuses. The Brookhaven campus also has an honors program that students can participate in if they meet certain GPA requirements.

The student newspaper of DCCCD is called The Yardstick, while their student government organization is known as Student Union.

El Paso Community College

El Paso Community College (EPCC) is a public community college that is part of the Texas community college system.

It has two campuses: the main campus and the Downtown Campus.

The main campus is located at 1001 S. Resler Drive in Downtown El Paso, TX; it was opened in 1970. The Downtown Campus opened in 1980 to serve students from UTPB and UTEP who were unable to commute to those universities due to their close proximity to downtown El Paso (less than three miles).

Grayson County College

Grayson County College is a community college in Denison, Texas. It was founded in 1967 and has an annual enrollment of about 2,000 students. Grayson County College is a member of the Texas Association of Community Colleges. Most courses at Grayson County College are offered on-campus, but there are some online courses available as well.

Grayson County College offers several associate degrees and certificates as well as non-credit classes for those looking to improve their skills or learn something new and fun!

Houston Community College System

The Houston Community College System is the largest community college district in the state, with more than 75,000 students and six campuses. The colleges are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges. A student can live in one of HCC’s dorms if they are enrolled at least half-time and meet certain other criteria such as GPA requirements.

Kilgore College

Kilgore College is a junior college located in Kilgore, Texas. The school offers a variety of academic programs, including nursing and visual arts.

Kilgore College offers dorms for students who wish to live on campus.

Laredo Community College

Laredo Community College is one of the best community colleges in Texas, and it’s also very affordable. If you’re looking to save money on your education and at the same time get a good education, this is an excellent place to start.

Located in Laredo, Texas (which is halfway between San Antonio and Houston), LCC offers a variety of courses for students at all levels. You can choose from over 100 degree programs, as well as certificate options for those who aren’t sure about their path after high school graduation yet but want something that will lead them somewhere useful when they’re done with school.

The cost per credit hour at LCC isn’t too bad either: it’s $10! This means that if you take 12 credits per semester (which most students do), you’ll pay only $120 per semester—a fraction of what many other schools charge for similar degrees or certificates! Plus there are no fees or hidden expenses; everything’s included in this price tag

Lone Star College System

Lone Star College System is the largest institution of higher education in the Houston area and the fastest-growing community college system in the nation. The colleges were originally established by local school districts to provide vocational training to high school students. Today, Lone Star College provides academic and workforce training to more than 100,000 students annually through its six colleges: Cy-Fair, Kingwood, Montgomery, North Harris Montgomery Community College District, Tomball and University of Houston–Downtown.

McLennan Community College

McLennan Community College is located in Waco, TX. This campus offers a variety of dorms, on-campus housing options, dining options and more.

  • Number of students: 12,000+
  • Number of dorms: 3 residence halls with a total of 1,100 beds available
  • On-campus housing options (includes all types) – Residence Halls/Apartments/Suites; Gender Mixing; International Students Friendly; Academic Year or Summer Programs Only

North Lake College-DCCCD

North Lake College is a public community college located in Irving, Texas. It is part of the Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD). The college was established in 2000, with its first classes starting in 2001. North Lake College offers over 100 associate degree and certificate programs.

The main campus of North Lake College is located on Coit Road between Walnut Hill Lane and Audelia Road in Irving, Texas. There are also branch campuses located throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, including at Cedar Ridge High School on Belt Line Road in Dallas, where students can earn an associate degree before they even graduate high school!

Students who are interested in dorms should consider living on these campuses because they have many amenities available like gymnasiums and recreational areas that allow you to stay active after class

Northcentral Technical College (NTC)

Northcentral Technical College (NTC) is a public, two-year, technical college located in Wichita Falls, Texas. NTC offers over 50 programs of study in 13 career fields which include Automotive Technology; Computer Networking and IT Support; Electronics Technology; HVAC/R (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning Refrigeration); Industrial Maintenance Technology; Welding & Fabrication; Office Administration and Medical Assisting. NTC also offers an Alternative Certification program for teachers who already hold a bachelor’s degree but have not obtained their teaching certificate yet.

The student services at Northcentral Technical College include: Academic Advising Center, Bookstore, Career Center with jobs available through the Workforce Solutions of Northwest Texas (WFST), Counseling Services including Counseling Center & Disability Services office as well as tutoring services provided by Peer Tutors from Student Life Office), Financial Aid & Scholarships Office with various types including scholarships within each academic department at NTC as well as outside sources such as federal grants/loans etc., Health Services Center where you can get immunizations or checkups if needed by college students such as STD tests etc., Learning Resource Center offering tutoring services through your academic advisor or faculty member if applicable along with access to computers for research purposes etc., Library containing information about materials available for both current students & faculty members alike along with resources on how best to locate information needed within our databases using keywords such as statistics from previous years’ graduates who took certain courses here at Northcentral Technical College

Palo Alto College-Alamo Colleges District

Palo Alto College is a two-year community college located in San Antonio, Texas. Palo Alto College is a member of the Alamo Community College District and offers a variety of academic programs.

As a student at Palo Alto College you can choose from three campuses: the main campus, Central Campus and South Campus. The main campus is on East Houston Street where all students are required to attend classes if they wish to graduate with an associate degree or certificate. The other two campuses offer vocational training and night school courses for adults who want to further their education but do not wish to live on campus or commute from home each day.

Richland College-DCCCD

Located in Dallas, Richland College-DCCCD enrolls about 8,000 students. The cost for a semester is $1,500.

The school offers dorms and housing options for its students.

San Jacinto Community College District-Central Campus

San Jacinto Community College District-Central Campus is located in Pasadena, TX and has a student population of approximately 10,000 students. The school offers associate degrees and certificates, with online classes available as well. The school also has a student/faculty ratio of 20:1.

This list of junior colleges in Texas with dorms will help you find the right school for you.

Junior colleges in Texas with dorms can be a great option for students. This is a list of junior colleges in Texas with dorms that we’ve compiled to help you find the right school for you. This list is not comprehensive, but it does include many schools that offer on-campus housing for their students.

If your top priority is living on campus and having access to campus facilities like study rooms and gym facilities, make sure your chosen school has on-campus housing available. Most schools have deadlines for submitting applications to live in a dormitory as well; check the school’s website or call them directly before applying so you know when they will start accepting applications!


It’s important to choose a college that suits your needs and goals. These colleges can all provide you with the education and experience you need to get started on your career path, whether it’s in nursing or engineering. We hope this list of junior colleges in Texas with dorms has helped make that decision easier!

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