Jose Rizal University Undergraduate Tuition And Fees

Jose Rizal University Undergraduate Tuition And Fees

The cost of tuition and fees at Jose Rizal University is $2,300 per semester. For international students, there is a $300 fee for the application to the university.

Jose Rizal University offers several scholarships to help students pay for their education. Students can apply for scholarships through the university’s financial aid department.

Jose Rizal University Undergraduate Tuition And Fees


Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

Tuition per unit

Library fee – Php 1,000

Computer fee – Php 200

Medical and dental fees (regular) – Php 500/term (inclusive of Basic Health Insurance coverage)

Science laboratory fees (regular) – Php 500/term

Energy fee – varies depending on the hostel you live in. The payment will be collected from the student’s account each semester. ID Fee- none CAO Regular: P600 for first year; P1,500 for second year; P2,000 for third year; P3,500 for fourth year. CAO Life Membership: P7500 once every four years

2015-2016 Tuition and Fees of Jose Rizal University.

  • Tuition per unit Php 550.00
  • Library Php 320.00
  • Computer Php 500.00
  • Medical and Dental Php 150.00

Tuition per unit Php 550.00

Tuition for each semester shall be payable in two (2) semesters.

Payment of tuition may be made in advance or in arrears. Students who enroll for more than two (2) units must pay their first semester’s tuition in advance; otherwise, their registration will be cancelled by the Registrar’s Office.

Library Php 320.00

Library Php 320.00

This is a library fee, but it is not included in the tuition fee of your student ID card. Library fees are charged by some institutions as an incentive for students to borrow books and other materials from the library.

Computer Php 500.00

Computer fee is for all students who are enrolled in the undergraduate program of the university. It is required to pay this fee for the whole semester, academic year or even a degree. The amount varies depending on your academic status and major.

Medical and Dental Php 150.00

In addition to the regular fees, students will be charged Medical and Dental fee. This includes the operation of the College of Dentistry and College of Nursing.

Science Laboratory Php 250.00

You will have to pay a science laboratory fee of Php 250.00 per unit. This is inclusive of instruction, use of facility, equipment repairs and maintenance as well as supplies. You will also be required to pay a science laboratory fee for every academic year or semester that you enroll in the university.

Energy Fee Php 125.00

You will be charged Php 125.00 for Energy Fee per semester. This fee is used to pay for the electricity and water bills of the university.

Who is exempted from paying this fee?

  • Students with disabilities: If you are a student with disability, you need to submit an official certification from the Office of Student Affairs stating that your disability requires special accommodations; otherwise, you will be considered as not qualified for exemption from this requirement.
  • Foreign students on scholarship: A foreign student who has received a scholarship from any government agency or private institution/company may request for exemption from this requirement by submitting an affidavit duly endorsed by their host institution/company attesting that they are receiving financial assistance under their scholarship program when applying for admission at RUHSUP.*Students living off-campus dormitories shall pay 25% discount on the water bill if there is no extra charge on account of additional usage (i.e., if there are more than two occupants per room)

ID Fee Php 30.00

The ID fee is a one-time payment and it is not refundable. The fee is charged per semester and it is paid during the first semester of enrollment. The ID card itself has a validity period of one academic year, which means that students need to renew their IDs once they expire.

The ID Card Office will charge Php 30.00 for all new students who have never enrolled before in any course under URU or another university/college with similar requirements.

CAO Regular Php 70.00

If you are not a member of the CAO, you still have to pay the membership fee. The amount depends on your status as an undergraduate student in Rizal University.

For example, if you’re a freshman, the membership fee is Php 70.00 per semester and it’s paid during enrollment at Rizal University.

If you’re already an undergraduate student but are not a member of CAO then your membership fee is Php 120.00 per semester and this should be paid during enrollment as well.

The only exception here is for transfer students who were already members with their previous school/university and they can skip this step altogether since they already have their existing membership card issued by their previous school/university just like new freshmen would have theirs issued during enrollment at Rizal University

CAO Life Membership Php 150.00

CAO Life Membership is a lifetime membership in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAO). It entitles the member to a lifetime membership in the CAO and entitles the member to participate in all CAO activities. The application fee is Php 150.00

According to the Registrar’s Office, Jose Rizal University Undergraduate Tuition And Fees is not yet update.

According to the Registrar’s Office, Jose Rizal University Undergraduate Tuition And Fees is not yet update. The office that handles the tuition and fees is the Registrar’s Office.


The tuition fees was last updated on June 10, 2016. We will do our best to keep this page updated as soon as we have new information on Jose Rizal University Undergraduate Tuition And Fees.

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