Is 65k a good salary in nyc

is 65,000 a good salary in New York City? Should I be aiming for a higher salary? How much do people earn in New York City? These are just some of the questions you may be asking yourself. Prior to moving to the city, and working in recruitment, I was also confused about how much people earn. The further I have progressed in my career, the more that this is an issue. New York is an expensive place to live and work. There are many factors that contribute to your salary in NYC which is why it is such an important thing for you to know. For example, your ability to negotiate will likely have the biggest impact on your wage so knowing how much you should be earning can give you a big advantage when talking about your market value.

65k is a good salary in New York City.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for a personal financial advisor in New York City is $65,000. This is lower than the national average of $72,860. However, New York City has one of the highest costs of living in the nation, which may make this salary feel low by comparison.

In general, though, 65k is a decent wage. It’s higher than the median annual wage for all occupations ($37,690), and it falls within the top 20% of all personal financial advisors’ salaries nationwide.

Is 65k a good salary in nyc


Is a salary of $65,000 good for New York City?

It’s a good salary, but it depends on what you’re comparing it to. The median personal income in the United States is around $65,000. The median personal income in New York City is also $65,000, but that number varies depending on which borough you live in. Manhattan has a median personal income of $74,842 while Brooklyn has a median personal income of $40,816 and Queens has a median personal income of $37,771.

How do you live on $65,000 in NYC?

If you’re thinking about moving to NYC, it’s easy to get caught up in the glamor of living in the city. But there are other important factors to consider when determining whether or not $65,000 is enough money to live on and save for the future.

  • How much does rent cost?
  • What health insurance plans are available?
  • Is retirement a possibility at this salary range?

Which is the best place to live in NYC?

If you’re thinking about moving to NYC, it’s important to think about what kind of neighborhood you want. Some people want a quiet place with lots of trees and parks, while others are happy in the center of the city. Here are some good choices:

  • The Upper East Side: This is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in New York City and is home to many celebrities. It also has very high property values and excellent schools.
  • Brooklyn Heights: This area has been popular for over 100 years because it offers easy access to Manhattan by ferry or subway train. It’s also close to many parks and libraries!

What are some tips from someone who lives in New York City?

If you want to live in New York City, there are a few things you can do to make your salary stretch further. First of all, consider moving somewhere outside of Manhattan. Brooklyn and Queens have lower rents than the Upper East Side or Midtown West. If you can’t move out of Manhattan because your job is based there, look for apartments that are slightly further away from downtown (say, on the edge of SoHo or Tribeca) and negotiate with your landlord over rent prices.

Second of all, use public transport as much as possible—it’s cheap enough that most people don’t really need a car unless they’re doing errands outside their neighborhood or working from home often enough that it makes sense to invest in one anyway. It’s also worth noting that some employers offer generous reimbursements for local transit passes so check whether yours does before incurring additional costs by buying one yourself!

Thirdly—and most importantly—live within your means! You don’t have to live in an expensive apartment building if it means cutting back on other parts of life like vacations or evenings out at bars/restaurants/theater etcetera… Don’t waste money on expensive hobbies just because they seem cool; instead opt for cheaper ones like running outdoors around Central Park during lunch breaks instead!

Is it easy to move to New York City?

If you’re asking whether it’s easy to move to New York City from another country, the answer is probably no. This is because of the U.S.’s visa requirements and because of the sheer number of people who want to move here.

However, if you’re asking whether it’s easy to move within America or just within New York City itself, then the question becomes a little more complicated. You’ll need a job before you can even apply for an apartment in NYC—and that means finding an employer who offers relocation packages or help with housing costs (which isn’t common).

After all this work and effort, though, living in NYC is worth it: there are tons of entertainment options and museums/galleries/museums-to-be; there are tons of restaurants; there are so many different neighborhoods that each have their own unique character; there are countless opportunities for socializing both online and offline; etc., etc., etc….

How much money do you need to live like a millionaire in NYC?

There are a few ways you can live like a millionaire in NYC on a salary of $65k. First, you need to live in a good location. If you want to be close to work, then maybe consider getting an apartment in the neighborhood where your company is located.

Second, work for a company that pays well and offers good benefits such as health insurance or retirement plans. Thirdly, ask for raise if there’s room for one at your job! Fourthly, living close to your job is also important because it saves time during rush hour traffic jams when everyone’s trying get home from work at the same time (and this happens during weekday evenings). Fifthly finally finally—buy used! It’ll save money on buying new cars with high gas mileage because they cost more money than used ones anyway…

If you want to save up and retire early, you’ll have to work hard and spend less.

If you want to retire early, it’s important to understand that saving more isn’t the only step. You’ll also have to spend less.

That means having a budget and sticking to it!

You should also consider getting a second job if possible. As with any job hunt, there are many websites where you can find opportunities: Monster is one example, but there are many others as well. If you’re working two jobs in addition to your day job, then saving even more money becomes easier than ever before!


Now, this is by no means a definitive list of everything you can expect to pay as a renter in New York City. For example, some renters may be able to find affordable apartments with roommates, or in more remote neighborhoods. But for someone making 65k per year living on their own—especially if they want to stay near work—these are all expenses that would need to be considered when budgeting.

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