how to become a brewer

Becoming a brewer is a popular career choice that allows you to work both on-farm and off, earning a good living. You might be surprised by what you learn on your journey.

how to become a brewer

Becoming a brewer is more than just knowing how to make beer. You need to understand the key ingredients and why they are important, as well as have an understanding of the process from beginning to end.

You don’t need any formal qualifications to become a Brewer in Australia, but having some could open up more opportunities for you.

Step 1 – Consider completing your high school certificate and take subjects such as Maths and Chemistry.

Step 2 – Start brewing at home and start learning the basics of the trade. Get work experience in a brewery if possible. Do a short course or workshop.

Step 3 – Consider undertaking a relevant VET qualification to boost your prospects.

This could include courses such as a Certificate IV in Food Science and Technology, or a Certificate IV in Food Processing.

If you want to take your studies to the next level, you could also consider a university-level course such as a Bachelor of Science majoring in Food Technology, or a Graduate Diploma of Brewing.

Step 4 – Apply for a job in a commercial brewery, where you can expand on your skills and learn how to manufacture beverages on a large scale.

Step 5 – Consider starting up your own boutique brewery and making your own craft beverage.

What do Brewers do?

Brewers are responsible for the creation and manufacture of alcoholic beverages such as beer and cider.

Which industries employ Brewers?

Brewers are most commonly found in the Manufacturing industry.

Do I need to go to university to become a Brewer?

No. You don’t need a qualification to work as a Brewer in Australia, but having one can improve your prospects and open up more opportunities.

Brewing beer is one of the most enjoyable hobbies or professions in the world. For many, it is their number-one hobby and they spend hours each week perfecting their homebrews. It’s true that many people start brewing beer as a hobby, but the dedication required can easily turn it into something more. With this in mind, we’ll discuss how to become a brewer and cover some of the basics.

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