how to become a breatharian

There are many ways to become a breatharian. If you can breathe, eat only water and meditate, whenever you feel like eating, then you are on your way to being a breatharian. You may not be able to sustain yourself in this way forever, but as long as you focus on loving yourself and living life full of abundance and joyfulness it will be easy for you to get closer and closer to becoming a breatharian by breathing only air.

how to become a breatharian

Breatharianism is the belief that it is possible to live without food. The breatharian lifestyle has gained a lot of attention in recent years. Breatharianism is not considered a fringe belief, with over 100 million people worldwide reportedly believing they can survive on nothing but air and light.

A lot of wacky diets have come and gone since the world became obsessed with fat and fitness. But there’s one that takes the cake when it comes to weird diets, and it’s not even designed for weight loss, although that’s definitely one of the side effects – if you can survive that long.

We’re referring to Breatharianism, which is a diet that includes no food at all. Breatharians believe that humans can live off prana, which is the Sanskrit word for “life force.” The life force in the case of Breatharianism is pure air and sunlight.

Lifelong Fast

While many religions embrace fasting as a part of the spiritual journey, these fasts have a set duration. By contrast, Breatharianism is a way of life, meaning that once you decide to become one, you eschew almost all food in all of its forms, for life. Or at least until you die, as at least four Breatharians have, or end up in the hospital with severe malnutrition and dehydration, as have scores more.

Becoming a Breatharian is a multi-step process that starts with becoming vegetarian, then vegan, then eating only raw foods. From there, the practitioner consumes only fruit, then only liquids, and finally turns away from food altogether and subsists entirely on light and air.

Science Doubts It

But the fact is, as scientists, medical professionals and most of the people you meet on the street understand, if you don’t eat food, your body will live on stored sugars. When the sugars run out, body fat is converted into a secondary energy source called ketone bodies. Once the fat is gone, the body begins using recycled protein as its energy source and basically begins to consume its own muscles for energy.

But most Breatharians say their bodies don’t consume these reserves when they’re fasting, because their body literally survives entirely on air and light as its energy source.

There is no one distinct type of lifestyle that someone would have to be following in order to become a breatharian. Breatharians lead various lifestyles, but the most common similarities are that they all have very restricted diets and choose to live their lives with as little money as possible. If you’d like to learn more about this concept, you can start by reading books written by breatharians such as Einstein’s Brain and the Reversal of Aging.

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