how to become a boxing referee

Becoming a boxing referee is a process that takes time and dedication. To become a boxing referee, you will have to pass an examination administered by the state athletic commissions. You will also have to have experience officiating amateur matches or professional matches to get a license in your particular field of choice.

how to become a boxing referee

Becoming a boxing referee is not something to be taken lightly because this is a job that requires a lot of responsibility and hard work. A boxing referee should know how to handle himself in the ring, move, and avoid getting hit by either the boxer or his opponent.

To become a boxing referee is more complicated than it looks. This is mainly because, while referees uphold objective rules, they often have to do so through subjective decisions. This can include deciding whether to warn a fighter for a rule violation or to deduct a point; finding a balance between breaking up excessive clinching and disturbing the natural flow of the fight; and deciding when a fighter has taken too much punishment to safely continue. In some areas, particularly with shorter fights, a referee may also have to choose a winner in the event of a draw, which will require them to assess the fight as it goes on, rather than simply officiate it.

Boxing referees typically get paid the same no matter who is fighting.

If you want to become a boxing referee, you must bear in mind that is rarely a full-time position. In many cases, a referee will be reasonably well paid for each fight given the time they must devote to the event. However, it is extremely unusual for an individual referee to receive enough assignments that they can rely on boxing as their sole source of income. Referee payoffs will often be at set levels regardless of the importance or revenue of the fight. For example, the referee in one high-profile Mike Tyson fight received a standard fee of $350 US Dollars (USD).

Boxing referees must be familiar with the rules, which are descended from those laid out by the Marquess of Queensbury in the 19th Century, that govern modern boxing.

Receiving assignments as a boxing referee depends on your location. In the United States, officials are usually assigned by the relevant state athletic commission. In other countries, there may be either a government agency or an independent supervisory body which makes such appointments.

In some locations there may be work available for unlicensed boxing. This does not mean the boxing is illegal, simply that it is not supervised by the relevant governing body, for example in events designed to allow non-professional boxers to fight and attract sponsorship. Before working on such shows you should make sure you are comfortable with the professionalism of the organizers and check that doing so will not affect your chances of receiving assignments from the supervisory body.

To become a referee or judge, you must become affiliated with a boxing commission. Contact local affiliate of the ABC to find out if there is a requirement that you become licensed by the state and send them the required paperwork. When you are licensed, the steps you need to take differ from state to state. The licensing procedures vary from state to state, so be sure to check with your sanctioning organization for any special requirements.

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