how to become a boxer

how to become a boxer. First, fit into your correct weight class according to your age and height. You can track your progress when you start sparring as well. If you are in a fight, make sure that you do not complain about the size of the gloves or how big your opponent is, because it is you who has to deal with that person’s punches.

how to become a boxer

you can learn and practice boxing at home by watching online videos. But in order to get a feel for what real training is like, you will need to find a gym where you can start taking lessons from a trainer who understands the sport.

1-2 (Jab-Right cross)
Yes, the basic 1-2 jab-cross is naturally the first combination you learn how to throw. It’s the first two punches you’ve ever thrown together and you’ve probably been doing it long before you started boxing…probably on your little brother or your annoying next door neighbor. The fast jab catches your opponent off guard and the right cross takes his head off. You can actually win entire fights simply by mastering the 1-2.

1-1-2 (Jab-Jab-Cross)
This one is a way to trick your opponent. The 1-1-2 works because your opponent might be expecting a 1-2. If so, then the second jab has a good chance of surprising your opponent opening the way once again for your big rear hand. The 1-1-2 is also good if you feel that your opponent is waiting for your right cross to throw a counter. Instead of throwing your usual 1-2, you will throw endless jabs testing your opponents reaction until he slips up and you put a right cross in there. Don’t hesitate to throw your one and then “feint” your jab and finish with the cross.

Example of a Jab-Feint-Cross:
Jab cross conor mcgregor combination
1-2-3 (Jab-Cross-Lead hook)
This is where boxing starts to get fun. The shift of your weight when you throw the right hand naturally sets the lead hook up. The lead hook comes after your cross and can put some massive hurting on your opponent. You can aim it high at his jaw or low at his body (shovel punch on the body at a sideways angle). Either way, the lead hook is equally dangerous regardless of whether or not the cross lands.

1-2-3-2 (Jab-Cross-Lead Hook-Cross)
This is nothing but you throwing 1-2-3-2. The jab opens your opponent’s guard. You follow-up with 3 big power punches: rear hand, lead hook, rear hand finish. When the 3 big punches land beautifully, you can pat yourself on the back. This is one of the smoothest combinations, Muay Thai fighters use this combination daily. 

1-2-5-2 (Jab-Cross-Lead Uppercut-Cross)
This combo is the same as the last except instead of a lead hook, you put a lead uppercut in there. The lead uppercut will surprise your opponent since it’s coming from a downward angle. If your opponent likes to hide behind his high guard with his head down or if he likes to charge into you, the lead uppercut will pop his head up so you can chop it off with the rear hand finish.

Boxing is a sport for people who are willing to put their body through punishment. It is not for the faint of heart, but it can be rewarding physically, mentally and emotionally if you stick with it.

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