how to become a bounty hunter in california

Becoming a bounty hunter is not easy, but it can be done. You must first obtain your license, which varies according to the state in which you want to become licensed. Once you have gotten your license and are ready to take on the next step, you will need some equipment to help you get started.

how to become a bounty hunter in California

Becoming a bounty hunter in California takes a lot of effort and skill. You must pass a background check and also take classes that cover such topics as arrest techniques, investigation procedures and state laws governing the capture of fugitives.

Learn how to become a bounty hunter in California by following the steps below.

how to become a bounty hunter

To become a bounty hunter, you need to first find a job. You can usually get this through either the state or local police departments or by working as an office assistant to a bounty hunter already in business. You’ll need to take and pass a criminal justice class. Once you’ve acquired your certificate and employment, you must then pass all of the necessary examinations administered by your state board of licensing.

You have to choose the best suitable way from the following three ways

  1. The best way is to become a licensed peace officer of the state after completion of your education and other licensure requirements
  2. You can become a private investigator first. For that, you must be issued with a private investigator’s license patronized by a company of private investigation. You should complete 30 hours of specialized training on the private investigation. You must pass the test held at the time of training.
  3. You may be a commissioned security officer which will guide you to be a bounty hunter later. For that purpose, you should complete a 30 hours specialized training which has to be approved by Texas ‘Private Security Board’ (PSB)  

Prior to them hiring you, you will be asked to go through a background check. Since you are considered a criminal apprehension specialist, you need to have a clean criminal record and good personal qualities. The pay is good and a bounty hunter job can be pretty exciting, if you like dealing with criminals. However, the job can be very dangerous too. That is why employers expect that new employees have prior experience in law enforcement.

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