Best Primary Schools In The World

If you’re looking for the best primary schools in the world, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 most prestigious primary schools in the world, based on their teaching techniques, curriculum, and ability to produce students who go on to become leaders in their fields.

We’ve looked at all aspects of these schools so that you can see what makes them so great. After reading this article, you’ll know exactly where to send your child when he or she is ready for school!

Best Primary Schools In The World


The best primary schools in the world do more than allow students to learn math and history. They also prepare students for secondary school, provide them with essential life skills, and create a safe and welcoming environment where students can grow into themselves. Hong Kong has some of the best elementary schools in the world, as does Switzerland, which offers both private and public options. Meanwhile, Finland’s programs are famous for their low stress levels for both students and teachers, while New Zealand wins praise for its emphasis on character-building skills like honesty and integrity. Here are the top ten primary schools from around the world:

The Chinese Primary School

The Chinese Primary School (CPS) is a private school in Singapore. It is a co-educational school, which means both boys and girls attend the school. There are about 1,000 students at CPS. The student to teacher ratio at this school is 18:1 and the student to computer ratio is 1:1.

Sarvodaya Vidyalaya Primary School

Sherwood Ridge Primary School

Dallin Elementary School

Dallin Elementary School

Located in the Salt Lake City suburb of Murray, Utah, Dallin Elementary has been consistently ranked as one of the best elementary schools in America. It is a winner of multiple awards and accolades from organizations like 2018 Utah Parent’s Choice Awards and 2018 American Journal Best Children’s Hospital Award.

Cambridge Primary School

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Education is an important part of life.

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The world is filled with amazing schools that children can learn at. For example, the Finnish school system is one of the most effective in the entire world; this could easily be attributed to their emphasis on leisure time for kids over intense academic work. In addition, Singapore has a very strong education system; this could be due to their emphasis on math and science education. However, no matter what country you live in or where your child goes to school, there will always be some sort of variation between them. This is just something we all have to accept as a part of life!

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