Best Law Schools For Child Advocacy

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Child advocacy is one of the fastest growing areas of law. It’s also one of the most challenging—and rewarding—fields. When you choose to become a child advocate, you’ll be working with children who have been abused and neglected, or who are in need of adoption. You’ll be helping them find homes and families, advocating for their rights and keeping them out of foster care.

Child advocacy is a field that requires compassion and empathy, but also a high degree of professionalism and skill. When choosing which law school to attend, you’ll want to consider several factors including cost, location, and reputation. You’ll also want to think about how much support the school provides for child advocacy programs; whether it has strong ties with local child advocacy organizations; how many alumni practice in this area; how many female students there are at the school; whether it offers specialized programs in child advocacy; and whether its graduates end up working in this area after graduating from law school.

Best Law Schools For Child Advocacy

CUNY School of Law is a great school to study child advocacy because they offer a program dedicated to this area called the Center for Child Advocacy. This program is designed to give students an opportunity to gain knowledge in many areas including: legal research and writing; family law; juvenile justice; children’s rights; social work practice with youth; and special education law. CUNY also has a number of clinics that allow students to get practical experience in this area. These are housed in organizations such as: Legal Aid Society—Human Rights Division, Juvenile Justice Project, Children’s Rights Project at Brooklyn Defender Services (BDS), Center for Family Representation at BDS, The Bronx Defenders Special Litigation Unit—Children’s Rights Practice Group, Jewish Board-Mount Sinai Behavioral Health System’s Clinical Child Advocacy Program.*

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