Best French Immersion Schools In Ontario

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French Immersion Schools in Ontario can be intimidating, but don’t let that stop you from starting your French Immersion journey. We’ve broken down the best French Immersion schools in Ontario and highlighted them based on province, rating, tuition cost and more.

French Immersion studying is one of the most popular methods for families to get their kids into language classes. The best French Immersion schools in Ontario have taken that to a new level. They combine the benefits of immersion with the proven method of balanced and creative learning, providing children with a fun but educational setting while they are infusing them with the culture of a foreign country.

Best French Immersion Schools In Ontario

Immersion education is systematically learning another language (or languages) by using the target language as the primary means of instruction. So, if a child is enrolled in a French immersion program, for example, they will learn their maths and sciences in French, instead of English.

There are three types of language immersion: total, partial and dual. A total immersion program is where all courses are taught in the target language from Grades 1 to 8; this does not include French or English Language Arts/English Literature (ELA). ELA may also be included in a partial immersion program which comprises about 25-50% of instruction time; the rest of coursework is taught equally between English and the target language. And finally dual immersion programs offer half instruction time in each language with no emphasis on either one.

Canada’s two official languages are English and French. Canada’s constitution mandates that both French and English have equal status at all levels of government across Canada. Therefore it makes sense that many schools provide some form of second language education to students who wish to participate.

Immersion programs are generally open to both native speakers and non-native speakers as long as they enroll at an appropriate grade level so that they can learn alongside other students who have had exposure to the same amount of either French or English courses respectively over time. It’s important for parents considering this option for their child to realize that there isn’t any significant difference over learning a second or third language later on (high school or college), except that earlier exposure has been shown to be better when achieving fluency than later exposure would be — but only if you stick with it! This list includes some well-regarded schools offering french immersion programs but parents should consider many factors when deciding what type(s) will best suit their needs: costs associated with different school options; transportation times between home/

1) St. Monica’s School, Toronto

St. Monica’s School is one of the best French immersion schools in Ontario because it’s a Catholic school and has several campuses throughout Toronto. The main campus is located on Queen Street East, but there are also several other campuses in Etobicoke and Scarborough.

The program starts at the level of beginners (grade 1) and goes up to grade 12, which makes it great for families who want their children to complete a full high school education while immersing them in French language and culture. In addition to regular classes, students can take part in extracurricular activities such as soccer, basketball and volleyball as well as drama class or choir practice/concerts at lunchtime on Friday afternoons!

If you’re looking for an opportunity where your kids will be immersed not only academically but socially too then St. Monica’s School is definitely worth checking out!

2) Agincourt Junior Public School, Toronto

Agincourt Junior Public School is a neighbourhood school, so transportation isn’t an issue. The campus is conveniently located near the TTC, which means you can commute easily to and from school.

The diverse student body at Agincourt Junior Public School makes it a wonderful place for kids of all abilities to learn and grow together. Kids who are academically inclined will be challenged by their teachers, while those who struggle with reading will feel encouraged by their peers and teachers alike.

Agincourt Junior Public School has a fantastic principal who always has time for his students, whether it’s during recess or after-school tutoring sessions on Fridays!

3) Coronation Public School, Burlington

Coronation Public School is a French immersion school that provides education from junior kindergarten to grade eight. The school has been around since 1983, and it is located in Burlington, ON.

Coronation has an active parent community that organizes events such as fun runs and an annual Christmas concert. You can find more information on these events on their website at

Contact information:

Address: 2255 Parkway Drive, Burlington, ON L7P 1B5 Phone number: 905-335-3514

4) Charles H. Best Middle School, Ajax

This school is a French immersion school that teaches students from junior kindergarten to grade 8. The school’s website states that it serves over 300 students, who can take French as their first language or as an additional language. Charles H. Best Middle School is also bilingual and offers both English and French courses at the same time for any student who wants to learn both languages.

The school address is located at 80 Bren Road South in Ajax, Ontario L1S 6G7, Canada. You can contact them by phone at 1-888-735-5627 or by emailing [email protected] Their principal is Mr David Keenan; he has been working there since 2013 (you can read more about him on his LinkedIn page). The status of this school is open; it’s still accepting new applications year round without any restrictions on enrollment numbers either way! This means you won’t have trouble finding space if you apply right now! As far as levels go: they offer only elementary/primary education courses (that includes Junior Kindergarten through Grade 8) which makes sense because they’re specifically geared towards children between ages 5-15 years old–so don’t expect anything beyond high school levels here unless you plan on continuing your studies somewhere else after graduating from Charles H., haha!

Students may enroll here if they speak fluent English OR if they speak fluent French AND want exposure lessons through both mediums–it doesn’t matter which one comes first (English OR French); what matters most about this decision process here though would be personal preference rather than necessity since there are no laws dictating order among these two choices..

5) Queenswood Drive Public School, Kingston

French Immersion at this school:

  • Location: Kingston
  • School rating: 9/10
  • Test scores for French immersion students (2018): 97% on average, with an average of 100% in language and reading.
  • Student to teacher ratio (Kindergarten to Grade 8): 20:1, but this number increases to 25:1 for grades 9-12. This can be attributed to the fact that there are fewer kids who take French Immersion once they get older (and there’s less pressure on them). For example, when I was taking Grade 6 French Immersion in my hometown of Ottawa, all my classmates were younger than me; however, by the time I got into high school in Toronto and took French Immersion again—only two other people were in the same situation as me! So either parents transfer their kids out of Quebec or elsewhere because it’s hard getting into “English” schools or they just don’t want their children learning English anymore? Either way…

There are a few great schools to consider if you live in Ontario and are looking for French immersion programs in your area

You may be surprised to learn that you don’t need to live in Quebec or New Brunswick to take advantage of French immersion programs. There are a few great schools to consider if you live in Ontario and are looking for French immersion programs in your area.

Below is a list of five top places where you can enroll your child or even yourself in the best French immersion programs:

  • Ecole élémentaire catholique Saint-Jean-Baptiste de l’Ascension, located at 755 Rue du Petit Fort (St-Jean)
  • École Montessori Saint-Jude, located at 1390 rue Curatteau (Saint-Henri)
  • École primaire catholique Jean XXIII, located at 2550 rue Notre Dame Est (Pointe St Charles)
  • École secondaire Père Laval, located on 500 square Victoria Street East (Mercier–Hochelaga Maisonneuve)


The best way to know if a school is right for you or your child is to visit in person! We hope our guide has been helpful, and we wish you the best of luck in your search for the perfect French Immersion School.

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