Alternative careers for registered nurses

If you’re exploring alternative careers for registered nurses, you’re probably feeling at a loss. You work hard, enjoy what you do, but want to pursue something new or are just looking at all the options available. This article will look at the options and help you decide if an alternative career for registered nurses is right for your desired lifestyle and goals.

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The Registered Nurse (RN) is one of the most versatile jobs in the world. With a bachelor’s degree, these professionals can work in hospitals, physician’s offices and clinics, home health care agencies, schools, or any other healthcare facility.

But what if you want to change careers? Here are some of the most common RN career paths:

  1. Nursing Administration: A nurse who wants to become an administrator usually needs at least an associate’s degree in nursing administration along with experience working in healthcare facilities. You may also need advanced degrees such as a master’s or doctorate degree.
  2. Consulting: If you’re interested in helping other organizations improve their healthcare processes, consulting may be the perfect career path for you! Consulting RNs often work with companies that want to implement new technologies like electronic medical records or electronic clinical systems into their operations’ workflow processes; however there are many other types of consulting opportunities available too!
  3. Health Policy: Nurses who have been working at hospitals for many years may decide they want to pursue careers related to health policy instead; this could mean going back to school for an MBA or PhD program so they can become involved with making decisions about how medical resources should be allocated throughout society (such as whether or not funding should be

Alternative careers for registered nurses

Health care management

Health care management is a career that allows R.N.s to put their nursing knowledge, leadership skills, and compassion to use in a new way. As an HCM manager, you will be responsible for overseeing the operations of hospitals or clinics. You’ll ensure that your organization’s staff members are carrying out their duties efficiently and collaboratively.

The qualifications required for this job vary depending on how big your employer is and what type of health care facility they run (for example: acute care vs wellness), but generally speaking candidates need at least three years experience working as an R.N., preferably with some managerial experience under their belt as well.

As far as salary goes, average salaries range from roughly $60k-$80k per year depending on where you live—but if your employer is large enough to offer benefits like paid leave time or tuition reimbursement then those numbers could go even higher!

Clinical research

Clinical research refers to the process of developing new treatments and medications. Clinical research nurses are the liaison between pharmaceutical companies, patients and doctors. They have a deep understanding of all aspects of the research process.

To be successful in this position, it’s important to have a strong background in research and an advanced degree (master’s or doctorate).

Medical sales

  • Medical sales jobs require strong presentation skills.
  • You must be able to communicate effectively with doctors and other medical professionals.
  • Medical sales jobs usually involve travel, which means you need to be comfortable working independently in unfamiliar places.
  • In addition to being able to communicate well, medical sales requires knowledge of the medical equipment and devices that are sold.

Legal nurse consultant

A legal nurse consultant (LNC) is a registered nurse who uses her clinical expertise to help attorneys with legal cases. A LNC may conduct medical research, review medical records, and offer expert testimony. Legal nurse consultants work for law firms and health care organizations.

Medical writer

Medical writers produce and edit print and online health information, including clinical guidelines, patient education materials, and peer-reviewed journal articles.

They need to be able to write clearly and concisely about medical conditions, procedures and treatments in a way that’s easy for patients to understand. They also need to be able to use medical terminology accurately.

Medical writers usually hold at least a bachelor’s degree in English or journalism with coursework in science writing or communications; experience as an editorial assistant or journalist can help you prepare for this career.

There are many options for registered nurses who want to switch jobs.

So you’re a registered nurse and want to change careers. There are many options for registered nurses who want to switch jobs. Some nurses work in non-clinical roles, while others continue to provide healthcare services but do so in different areas of healthcare.

Here are some things to consider as you search for your next RN job:

  • Health care management
  • Clinical research
  • Medical sales
  • Legal nurse consultant

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