Alternative careers for jds

JDs are obviously in-demand, that’s why we’re all here. However, I’ve often wondered what happens when they get older. Many jds have no desire to practice law, and others don’t become equity partners which means they won’t be practicing law full time. In today’s post, I will share with you alternative careers for jds (and not just those who don’t become partners). What these JDs do varies as much as they themselves. Many of them become consultants, authors, teachers, professors, directors and CEOS.

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Alternative careers for jds

Joint degree students (JDs) are a unique group of individuals who have the opportunity to pursue two bachelor’s degrees simultaneously. A joint degree program can be a great way to expand your educational experience and gain skills that will benefit you in your career, but it can also be confusing to know where to start. To help you navigate this journey, we’ve compiled some alternative careers for JDs that may interest you.

What is an alternative career?

An alternative career is one that is not the standard path moving forward after graduating from college. These jobs are often related to your interests and passions, and they may be more work-from-home or freelance-based than traditional full-time positions. Some people choose to pursue an alternative career as a way of escaping their current situation; others choose them because they want to do something different or more meaningful than what they’ve been doing previously. Whatever the case may be, there are many options available when it comes time for finding an alternative career after earning your JDs!

Alternative Careers for JDs

Alternative careers for jds

The practice of law is not the only option for JDs.

When you think about law, you probably imagine a highly-skilled and well-educated lawyer working in a large office building. While it’s true that there are many different kinds of lawyers and practices, this is not the only option for JDs. In fact, your degree can help you succeed in so many other fields if you’re willing to look beyond the traditional practice of law.

The practice of law is not the only option for JDs! There are plenty of other fields that your training will prepare you for outside of practicing law—and some of them may even pay better than being an attorney does! You’ll need some additional training but with time and dedication, these careers could be perfect fits:

  • Accountant
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Market Research Analyst

Feel like you’d be more fulfilled and successful in a different career? There are many options available to you.

If you’re a JD, you can probably find a job in the legal industry. But what if you’re not interested in working as an attorney? Or if you’ve been thinking about leaving law and trying something new?

It’s important to remember that being a lawyer isn’t the only way to use your degree. There are plenty of other careers where your skills will come in handy and make you feel fulfilled.

If you want to practice law, but not in a big firm, there are lots of other opportunities for attorneys to serve their communities.

If you want to practice law, but not in a big firm, there are lots of other opportunities for attorneys to serve their communities.

One option is government work. This can include anything from serving as an assistant district attorney or public defender for your state to working as an advocate for veterans’ rights at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Another option is working for a non-profit that helps people with legal services such as free clinics or legal aid organizations like Legal Aid Society or the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Some lawyers enjoy teaching others about the law through various types of classes, which could include teaching at law schools and universities. And finally, some lawyers work on policy issues such as litigation related to environmental issues or consumer protection laws within specific industries such as banks and telecommunications companies.

In order to make these types of jobs appealing options beyond being able to do good work while making an impact on society—which they definitely should be!—you need opportunities where you can learn more about these fields and how they operate outside academia before deciding if this path is right for you.”

JD holders with careers outside of the legal field benefit from the strong research and writing skills they acquired in law school.

JD holders with careers outside of the legal field benefit from the strong research and writing skills they acquired in law school. Just because you’re not practicing law doesn’t mean your degree has gone to waste. There are many jobs that will benefit from your skills as a lawyer, and you can be a lawyer without actually being a lawyer.

Here are some examples of alternative careers for JDs:* Paralegal

  • Business Analyst/Consultant/Analyst (consulting firms such as McKinsey or Accenture)
  • Investment Banking Analyst
  • Finance & Accounting (investment banks, hedge funds)
  • Marketing Analyst (marketing companies)

Many JDs say their decision to go to law school was a “mistake,” or that they no longer have any interest in practicing law.

>Many law school graduates say they wish they had known more about alternative careers before attending.

>Many JDs have an interest in changing careers, but don’t know where to start.

>JDs aren’t the only ones who can benefit from a legal education—other professionals can too.

If you’re considering an alternative career and don’t want to give up your law degree, consider these options:

Some of your best opportunities may be outside of traditional legal practice

If you’ve just graduated from law school and are looking for a different career path, don’t panic. There are plenty of opportunities for attorneys who want to make a change.

If the thought of leaving law behind or taking time off to explore your options is intimidating, remember that many successful people have found success outside their original career paths. Some attorneys have become entrepreneurs, business owners and even educators after leaving law behind them.

You may find that practicing law isn’t what you expected it would be like—and there’s nothing wrong with that! After all, your JD has prepared you for many careers besides being an attorney—including those in politics or education—so take some time before deciding on whether or not you want to continue along the same path as someone else’s dreams might be better suited than yours were when they first started out on theirs (or vice versa). It’s okay if things don’t work out right away; sometimes it takes a while before finding what feels right for us personally but keep trying until we do find something worth sticking around doing every day.”

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